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WhatsApp to Enable Users to Undo Delete for Me, How it will Help You

The new WhatsApp updates aim to give consumers stronger privacy protections in addition to exciting new features. WhatsApp is now implementing a rescue tool for users who frequently unintentionally select the "delete for me" option instead of the "delete for everyone" option, further adding to the privacy layers. WhatsApp takes all user complaints and recommendations carefully. The messaging app owned by Meta is introducing new features to improve the user... Read More

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YouTube Courses, a New Way for Creators to Monetise Coming Soon in India

There are presently 8 ways to monetise content on YouTube, and Google is actively developing another, called Courses, which it will formally introduce in the coming months. YouTube made some intriguing announcements, including Courses, at the Google for India event. With a small number of partners and authors, the company is now beta-testing the subscription-based model called Courses with the intention of launching it in the first half of 2023.... Read More

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How Meta Improved WhatsApp Calling Experience for Users

While WhatsApp is most well-known for enabling private and secure messaging among users worldwide, more and more individuals are also utilising it to make audio and video conversations. In order to make it easier to stay in touch with friends and family, coworkers, and communities safely, WhatsApp has introduced a number of upgrades to calling over the course of this year.  These are a few of the new capabilities that... Read More

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Twitter Golden Tick Rolled Out for Official Organisations

Twitter rolled out the new Twitter Blue subscription after the problems that occurred when the service was launched a few weeks back with the Blue tick badge bundled. Twitter had to stop the subscription service because of impersonators, which everyone had expected would happen. Now, to distinguish between the official organisations and people who are carrying blue ticks, Twitter has rolled out a Golden tick. This golden tick can't be... Read More

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Twitter Blue Cost for India Revealed

Twitter, the world's largest micro-blogging platform, has relaunched Twitter Blue subscription for users in many parts of the world recently. The subscription price is what many users are confused about, as Twitter said that iOS users would have to pay more than what users purchasing the subscription on the web will have to pay. This is likely to recover the cost that Apple charges to the developers whenever they make... Read More

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WhatsApp Could Soon Introduce this Brilliant New Feature

One of the greatest private messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp is steadily introducing new features to offer a better experience to its users. Despite the fact that WhatsApp already has a message deleting option, the platform is now introducing further privacy-enhancing features. According to the screenshots provided by WaBetaInfo, the company is presently developing a View Once text feature. WhatsApp View Once Text Feature It appears that WhatsApp intends to provide... Read More

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Twitter Blue Subscription Relaunch Date Announced: See Benefits it will Bring

Twitter Blue will be relaunched on December 12th. Elon Musk updated the paid plan for Twitter Blue after it was introduced last year. Giving all paid members a Blue tick or verification is one of the more contentious modifications that has been made so far this season. Before releasing it to the general public, the firm stopped offering the Twitter Blue subscription a few years ago to focus on implementing the... Read More

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WhatsApp Avatars: How To Create

A new feature that lets users customise their digital avatars by selecting different combinations of clothing, haircuts, and facial traits is being rolled out by WhatsApp. Avatars are already available for users of Meta's Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram apps, and they are currently finding their way to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has announced that it would soon be introducing a number of new features to improve the overall user experience, including lighting,... Read More

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WhatsApp Offline Backup for Images and Videos

You have probably accumulated a sizeable amount of media data on WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services in the world and the main means of communication in India. Images, videos, GIFs, and documents may all fall under this category. While WhatsApp does provide a Google Drive or iCloud (for iPhones) backup option, for some users, this may not be sufficient. Some people might merely object to having their... Read More

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WhatsApp Can be Used in Two Smartphones, See How

One of the most recent improvements that WhatsApp has added is tablet compatibility for its already-existing "Linked Devices" function. WhatsApp is constantly introducing new features to the app. It's possible to utilise the same account on both devices thanks to a clever Android hack that was initially reported by Android Authority. The approach involves tricking a second phone into thinking it's a tablet and then letting WhatsApp connect that second... Read More

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