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US Govt Takes Steps towards 6G to Stay Ahead of China in the Telecom Race

The US government has reportedly begun developing plans for the future use of 6G networks in order to gain a technological advantage over China's rapid advances in the telecommunications sector. Senior officials from the White House have held meetings with corporate leaders, technology officials, and academic experts to devise strategies for the upcoming 6G networks. According to an IANS report, the US administration hopes to take the lessons learned from... Read More

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Bharat 6G Vision Document to be Unveiled by PM Modi on Wednesday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the new ITU (International Telecommunication Union) area office in India on Wednesday. Along with that, PM Modi will also be unveiling the Bharat 6G Vision Document and launching 6G R&D Test Bed. According to an ANI report, the new ITU India office will be serving countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Iran and Afghanistan. For the unaware, ITU is the... Read More

March 17th, 2023 11:07 AM 2 COMMENTS

6G to Arrive by 2029 in India: Vaishnaw

While 5G has just started becoming a more common technology, the work on 6G globally has already started. India, where 5G was launched just six months back, is also looking at 6G, which is several years down the line. Union telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said that India is likely to launch 6G network by 2029. According to a Deccanherald report, he said that India's 5G rollout is already the fastest... Read More

December 7th, 2022 12:18 PM 10 COMMENTS

6G: What is it, Advantages and Disadvantages

While 5G is still in the early phases of rollout, it is important that we talk about 6G. It is the next generation of network connectivity technology that will again change the world, like 5G and how everything connects from machines to humans. Today, we will just have an overlook on 6G and won't dive deep into details. Read this and get a basic idea about 6G in simple words.... Read More

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Ericsson Will Invest Tens of Millions of Pounds for 6G Research in UK

Over the next ten years, Ericsson will invest tens of millions of pounds (GBP) in a UK-based programme that will concentrate on 6G research and ground-breaking technology. The research will be conducted in the fields of energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, cognitive networks, and network resilience and security, which are all seen as essential components of the future global digital infrastructure for consumers, businesses, and society. More Information About the New... Read More

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Nokia is Increasing 5G and 6G Power Efficiency

Nokia, a Finnish manufacturer of telecom equipment, stated that by becoming involved early in standards and environment creation, the business is trying to increase the energy efficiency of both 5G-Advanced and the next-generation innovation, 6G. Nokia anticipates the commercial debut of 6G in 2030, which corresponds to the 10-year gap across stages. Phase 1 of the standardisation process is anticipated to begin as part of 3GPP Release 20 in 2026.... Read More

October 29th, 2022 7:54 PM 2 COMMENTS

FCC Launches Inquiry into Use of 550 MHz Spectrum in 12.7 – 13.25 GHz Band for 5G, 6G

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has opened a fresh investigation into the usage of up to 550 megahertz of spectrum from 12.7 to 13.25 GHz as it pushes forward with finding potential new spectrum to repurpose for cellular services. The FCC anticipates that this investigation will be the first step in allowing for more focused use of the 12.7 GHz band, opening a sizable expanse of valuable mid-band frequencies that... Read More

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Razer has an Ultimate 5G Portable Gaming Machine

A new cloud-based portable gaming console developed by Razer in partnership with Qualcomm and Verizon has just been released. The Razer Edge 5G is based on Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon G3x architecture and was created to compete with products like Valve's Steam Deck. The 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED touchscreen on the Razer Edge 5G has a refresh rate of 144Hz and 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution support. The portable gaming gadget has... Read More

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Samsung Dives in Deep for 6G in the UK

A new research lab focused on creating technologies for 6G networks and devices will be established in the UK, according to a recent announcement from Samsung Electronics. This UK research lab would be a part of Samsung's global 6G development project. The New Team Will Concentrate on Creating Several Unique 6G Technologies The new research endeavour will be headquartered in Staines-upon-Thames at the Samsung R&D Institute U.K. It will focus... Read More

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US and China Eyeing for 6G Military Supremacy

The US and China are striving for supremacy in next-generation 6G, with enormous ramifications for future warfighting, while 5G broadband networks are still being deployed globally. China is using 6G technology for military reasons, according to research released in August by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS). China is using a centralised command architecture. The US, on the other hand, is much more reliant on empowering operators and lower... Read More

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