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5G in India Will Only be Successful If This Happens

5G networks aren’t just a game of purchasing and deploying a ton of high-frequency spectrum for the telcos. There is a lot more to it, and all of it needs to happen for ensuring that 5G networks see success in India. First of all, the telcos will need to invest a lot in the ground-level infrastructure. This will include fiberisation, installing more towers and building micro-sites so that high-frequency networks... Read More

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5G, 4G Spectrum Bands Might Get a Price Revision Soon

One of the biggest issues in making 5G a faster reality for India is the spectrum pricing of the airwaves. The 5G airwaves are priced very much in the premium range as per the telcos. The telecom operators have made it clear that if they have to overpay for the 5G spectrum, they will ignore spending any money in the spectrum auctions. Looking at this, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)... Read More

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Bharti Airtel Increasing Metro Network Capacity for 5G Readiness

India’s second-largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, has partnered with Tejas Networks for expanding its optical network. Bharti Airtel has been making large strides in order to make its networks ready for 5G and also enhance its B2B and broadband services around the country. Under the deal, Tejas Networks will supply and install optical transmission network (OTN) for Bharti Airtel. This deal will help Airtel in extending Airtel’s optical network towards... Read More

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5G Bands In India That You Should Look Out For

5G smartphones and 5G bands have made a lot of noise in the Indian market. Most of all because the government and the telcos have not given a lot of clarity on which spectrum bands will 5G be rolled out in India. This affects each and every Indian individual since if he/she is going to purchase a 5G smartphone and they don’t even know which smartphones support the correct spectrum... Read More

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Huawei Banking on 5G Revenues from India

Huawei, a Chinese multinational telecom equipment gear maker, is optimistic about its India plans. The company believes that it can have a key role in the development of 5G in India. It is worth noting that the Indian government had asked the telcos not to include any Chinese company in their 5G trials. Despite that, Huawei is banking on 5G revenues from India. Huawei is continuously working and communicating with... Read More

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Vodafone Idea Achieves 3.7 Gbps Download Speed In 5G Trials

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has just announced that it was able to achieve a maximum download speed of 3.7 Gbps with the mmWave spectrum. For the unaware, Vi has been testing 5G networks in two parts of India, Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Pune, Maharashtra. The telco has now shared the 5G trial results of Gandhinagar, Pune, and said that it has been able to achieve a download speed of 3.7 Gbps. Vi... Read More

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5G In India to See Better Participation

The telcos including Vodafone Idea (Vi), Reliance Jio, and Bharti Airtel are currently testing their 5G networks in different parts of the country. Airtel has taken the tests even one step above and proved that the mobile gaming use case on its 5G network is successful. There was an underlying concern with 5G though. While it was definitely going to be the next big thing, operators might not have been... Read More

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5G Spectrum Auctions Might Happen In Four Months

The most awaited event for the telecom industry of India is the 5G spectrum auctions. The government said that it had fixed the last quarter of the early year as the time period when the spectrum auctions will take place. Looking at this, it is absolutely clear that the 5G spectrum auctions might happen in January, February, or March of 2022. Ashwini Vaishnaw, Telecom Minister, recently said that the 5G... Read More

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5Gi or 5G, India Still Lacks Clarity

India still doesn’t have much clarity when it comes to the next-generation connectivity networks. All across the globe, countries and governments are going with the 5G standards developed by the 3GPP. But India has had different plans. In order to become self-reliant, TSDSI had developed its own 5G standard, namely 5Gi. Many opine that 5Gi is the right way to go, but then there are many who believe that 5G... Read More

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Airtel Business Says Omnichannel Experience to Win In 5G Era

Airtel Business is the B2B unit of Bharti Airtel. On September 9, 2021, Airtel Business released a new edition of the Insights Report under the aegis of its Customer Advisory Board (CAB). For the unaware, the Airtel Business CAB is built of various business leaders from around the country’s top companies and organisations. In its new report, Airtel Business said that brands who embrace digital technologies ahead of the curve... Read More

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COAI Backs TRAI Recommendations on Spectrum, RoW

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) is backing the recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on spectrum and RoW. The telecom regulator has proposed a new national portal for RoW. Further, TRAI has recommended exemption of RoW charges for the telcos for the next five years (FY23 to FY28) with an aim to expedite the laying of common ducts. On top of this, TRAI recommends that... Read More

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Affordable 5G Phones In India Currently Not a Good Buy

One thing that’s mostly the case with affordable smartphones is that they don’t run well for more than 18 or 24 months. The Android and security updates offered to these phones are very few in comparison to flagships, and there’s not a lot these devices can do except for basic tasks. In order to increase their sales, smartphone companies are coming out with affordable 5G smartphones. Now note that the... Read More

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