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Latest True Crime Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

True-crime documentaries are the latest genre that has people glued to their mobile and laptops. Nowadays, everyone enjoys watching the horrific acts that took place in the past. These documentaries provide a thrill and historical context. In addition, young people who are interested in reading true-crime novels are eager to see their favourite books adapted. The most recent true-crime documentaries available on OTT are listed below: The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker... Read More

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Best Nature Documentaries on OTT for a Moving Experience

Streaming platforms provide us with some of the best nature documentaries available out there. is nature. There is so much to learn about Nature and Environment, our greatest resource, property, and gift. Our respect, care, and concern for the environment increase with each new scientific discovery about the natural world. Without the trouble of making long trips to far-flung locales, nature documentaries give us the means to learn about and... Read More

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5 Telugu Movie Sequels to Look Out for in 2023

A large number of Indian film sequels dominated the box office. With the success of HIT 2, Drishyam 2, and Karthikeya 2, many common misconceptions regarding sequels were disproved. With a steady stream of film sequels, this tendency appears to continue beyond 2023. Check out these 2023 Telugu sequels of popular films. Here is a list of Telugu sequels that will be available in 2023. 1 Pushpa: The Rule Pushpa:... Read More

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Best Malayalam Horror Movies on OTT for an Exciting Experience

With films that appeal to all audiences, the Malayalam cinema industry has made a name for itself. Mollywood is renowned for its scary movies in addition to its drab productions. While the Malayalam cinema industry has produced several genres of films, a number of notable horror films have been produced in the industry. In horror films, the audience is gripped by two things: suspense and the way the suspense is... Read More

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Upcoming Kannada Films on OTT in 2023

Sandalwood has had a tremendously busy year with hit after hit. A variety of Kannada films are available to stream on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Many movies, ranging in size from big-budget blockbusters from major studios to smaller independent films, have been released on various OTTs. You can choose from a wide variety of entertainment options, such as action, mystery, drama, and thrillers. View the list to learn about what Kannada movies... Read More

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OTT Releases 2023: A Few Enticing Online Series You Can’t Afford to Miss

Looking for a list of TV shows to binge on OTT since you're tired of movies? Like 2022, 2023 includes a tonne of new releases, including movies, TV shows, and online series with fresh seasons. There will be a tonne of brand-new web series this year to fill in all the weekend gaps and resolve all the cliffhangers from the episodes from the previous year. We've curated a list, and the... Read More

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Best Sci-Fi Movies on OTT in 2023: Nope, Black Panther, and More

Sci-Fi (science fiction) movies are a genre of film that is set in the future or a fictional world and usually feature advanced technology, space travel, time travel, and other futuristic concepts. Given the creative freedom with which narratives in this genre may be created, science fiction is one of the most intriguing movie genres. We've compiled a list of the sci-fi films you should watch online on OTT and... Read More

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Netflix Won’t Allow Password Sharing in India Anymore

The world's largest streaming service, Netflix, has announced that it will end password sharing this year and introduce an advertising-supported tier for its web-based streaming service. People who frequently rely on friends and others to enjoy Netflix will soon have to pay to utilise this OTT service. In an interview with Bloomberg, Netflix's two new Co-Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, provided additional details regarding the discontinuation... Read More

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Top 7 Popular Anime Series on Netflix That You Should Watch

Netflix has a wide variety of anime series available for streaming. Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed watching anime, and the most well-known series at the time were Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. The Japanese entertainment industry is renowned for its compelling stories and gorgeous graphics. So it's worth watching some of the best anime programs on Netflix, one of the most popular streaming OTT services available. Here... Read More

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Check Out These Heartwarming Korean Love Films on Netflix

Korean love films, also known as "K-dramas," are a popular genre in South Korea that often feature themes of romance, family, and friendship. These films have gained a large international following, thanks to the availability of OTT streaming platforms like Netflix. K-dramas often have a unique blend of humor, drama, and romance that makes them appealing to a wide audience. One of the most popular movie genres for a long... Read More

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Excitel Broadband OTT Add-on Plans Detailed

Excitel Broadband, one of the fastest-growing fiber broadband providers in India, offers high-speed broadband internet services to residential and commercial customers in India. Excitel Broadband offers various plans with different speed options. The exciting thing about Excitel Fiber is that it provides NO FUP speeds starting from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, enabling unlimited 4K videos without buffering. So, for customers to make the most of the internet offerings, Excitel... Read More

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New on OTT: Most Anticipated Hindi Web Series in 2023

We eagerly anticipate quality content to keep us glued to our screens as the new year gets underway. Here is a list of the fascinating watches coming out in 2023 so you can mark your calendars. We've got a list of the most eagerly anticipated Hindi web series coming soon on OTT, and all your old favourites are back with new plotlines and character arcs. Shark Tank India Season 2... Read More

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