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Hughes India President Explains Why Conflict of Spectrum Exists Between Satcom and Telecom Operators

The satellite communications (satcom) service providers and the telecom or terrestrial network service providers (TSPs) have contradicting views when it comes to spectrum auctions. First of all, the satcom sector didn’t want India to hold an auction for allocating airwaves for satellite services. Instead, the satcom players were looking forward to an administrative allocation of spectrum. There is a demand from the satcom sector for reserving frequencies in the mmWave... Read More

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Indians Ready to Pay More than 50% Premium for 5G Services: Ericsson

Ericsson has worked on use cases in numerous industries in Asia, Europe, Northern America and has been supporting operators across the world to roll out 5G. In India, we have been working with the telecom companies as well as the academic community to develop and test various 5G use cases which are relevant to the country; Nitin Bansal, Managing Director, India Head-Networks, Market Area South East Asia, Oceania and India... Read More

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Qlan is for Anyone Who Enjoys Gaming and Sports: Sagar Nair, Co-Founder, Qlan

Qlan contributes to the gaming market by its unique user journey and a robust set of features that bring together various aspects that contribute majorly to the gaming community like tournament operators, content creators, gaming professionals, esports organisations and gamers, both professional and casual, said, Sagar Nair, co-founder and CEO, Qlan. How an Exclusive Gamer's Social Networking App Is the Need of the Hour in the Indian Gaming Ecosystem? While... Read More

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O-RAN to Help Telcos Reduce Ownership Cost of Networks: Saankhya Labs, Preetham Uthaiah

MWC 2022 was a very successful exhibition. It was good to see a large number of exhibitors and visitors coming together after two years of the pandemic. The major takeaway from the exhibition is the fact that many mobile network operators across the globe are looking to adopt Open RAN solutions for their networks, said Preetham Uthaiah, EVP - Marketing and Strategy, Saankhya Labs. Q1. You participated at Mobile World... Read More

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Huawei Focused on Building Culture of R&D in India: Rishi Gupta, VP, Consumer Business

At a time when the world is reeling under acute semiconductor shortage, we believe the latest initiative and policies introduced by the Government will ensure India’s place in the global map of hi-tech production hubs. Electronics plays an important role in everyday life, and semiconductor chips form a crucial part of electronics, Rishi Kishore Gupta, Vice President, Consumer Business Group, Huawei India, told TelecomTalk. Q1. How was Huawei India's performance... Read More

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TSSC Looking to Place Indian Youngsters Abroad by Skilling Them: Arvind Bali, TSSC

The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), a non-profit organisation focusing on the issues related to the telecom industry, wants to scale the skilling of Indian youngsters so that they can be placed abroad. Arvind Bali, CEO, TSSC, told TelecomTalk that there’s a major need for a skilled workforce not only in India but abroad. The organisation is already setting up international arrangements and certifications so that sending Indians abroad for... Read More

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Street Furniture to Reduce 5G Network Rollout Cost in India: COAI DG, SP Kochhar

Street furniture is really important for the 5G network rollout in India, believes Lt. General, Dr SP Kochhar, DG, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). 5G networks would involve frequencies in high-spectrum bands such as 3.3 GHz - 3.6 GHz. With high frequencies, the reach of network signals can be disturbed through basic objects, people, trees, and more. Thus, to ensure that 5G networks are available with proper coverage with... Read More

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Netweb Has a Deep Understanding of Tech Used by Telcos: Sandeep Lodha

Netweb has been in the customised server business for more than 18 years. We understand that customisation can take care of - 1. Optimal requirement 2. Future upgrades and expansion, and 3. The costs. We do have to Make in India server products, and we are the first in India to do so, Sandeep Lodha, Co-founder, Netweb Technologies, told TelecomTalk. 1. How has the cloud been at the core of... Read More

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Telecom Industry Can Benefit from Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solutions: Amit Kumar Gandhi

Contact centre solutions are built to overcome challenges on multiple fronts by offering solutions like personalised experience, quicker resolutions, consistency and 365x24x7 support, says Amit Kumar Gandhi, founder, NovelVox. Q1 - Please Tell Us About Your Current Offerings. How Are You Planning to Further Boost the Offerings in the Near Future? Our offerings are focused on revolutionising customer and agent experience. Our products are aligned for multiple Automatic call distributors... Read More

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Nxtra by Airtel Looks at 2022 as Build Year to Add Data Centre Capacity: Rajesh Tapadia

2022 is going to be the ‘year of build’ for us as we continue to accelerate our capacity augmentations with data centre capacity expansion across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, NCR & Kolkata. We will also add new capacities in our edge sites to enable 5G, edge, and security services - Rajesh Tapadia, Director and CEO, Nxtra by Airtel, told TelecomTalk. Q1 - What Are the Predictions for the Data Centre... Read More

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RoW Rules Silent on Deployment of Small Cells in India: COAI DG, SP Kochhar

A report was launched on Paving the way for 5G readiness in India: A guide for effective policymaking on small cell deployment at a virtual webinar organised by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and GSMA today. Granting easy access to existing street furniture such as traffic lights, bus stops, street lamps, EB Power supply etc., is important to deploy 5G services in India, says SP Kochhar, DG, COAI.... Read More

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Russian Telecom Operators Deploying 5G NSA: Moscow Govt Minister

Moscow DIT has created Russia's first 5G laboratory for solving urban problems. This is a unique platform on the basis of which any company, from startups to already mature organisations, can test their solutions for free and demonstrate them to the city, says Eduard Lysenko, Moscow City Government Minister. 1) What Percentage of Russia Is Already Exposed to the Power of 5G Networks? — Russia has not yet started the... Read More

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