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TelecomTalk Interviews: DE-CIX on Cloud Gaming with 5G

5G rollout is happening at an aggressive pace in India. New digital trends are expected to emerge as 5G becomes a common and wide-spread network technology in the country. One use case of 5G that has been identified for the consumers is cloud gaming. Now cloud gaming could also happen with 4G, but in India, the 4G networks weren't powerful enough and there wasn't enough capacity due to higher density... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Futurex on 5G Security, Challenges for Indian Telcos and More

The process of implementing 5G will take time and expense, but more examples of 5G use cases will need to be analysed to observe additional challenges. 5G networks are beginning their lifecycles in specific cities throughout India, but larger enterprises have the option to establish private 5G networks, said Ruchin Kumar, VP, South Asia, Futurex. Check out the entire conversation between TelecomTalk and Futurex below. 5G is going to transform the... Read More

December 7th, 2022 6:17 PM 9 COMMENTS

Vodafone Idea COO Talks About What is Next for the Company

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has been one of the most active companies in the private telecom sector when it comes to forming new partnerships. If you are a Vi fan and have been following the company closely, you know the multiple partnerships the telco has formed in the last year. The partnership model for Vi is the right one because it doesn't involve investing a huge sum of funds into building... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Tata Tele Business Services on Solutions for SMBs

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has been in the Indian market for several years now and has been a leading player in offering security, IoT, Cloud, SaaS and a wide range of other such solutions. The company has been serving Indian businesses and helping them take their digital journey to the next level. In this decade, more and more businesses will board the digital train to serve their customers at... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Nokia on Innovations in Fibre Technologies and Global Market

The industry is entering a ‘fibre-for-everything’ era. Once operators have deployed fibre-to-the-home, their networks pass every other building in the street, as well as the homes, meaning they can connect businesses and other services. Fibre PON will be capable of supporting high bandwidth consumer services, industry 4.0 applications, business connectivity, 5G transport and smart city services, Ana Pesovic, Marketing Director, Fixed Networks at Nokia told TelecomTalk in an exlcusive interaction.... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Amdocs Executive on Factors Driving Growth of Cloud in India

The world is turning digital, and everyone's moving fast to the cloud. Storing data on the cloud is considered pretty expensive by many and sort of risky as well. But the growth of public cloud services is still pretty fast in the Indian market. 5G has also launched in the country, which would add to the growth of the cloud market. Apart from 5G, there are other factors which would... Read More

October 14th, 2022 5:54 PM 6 COMMENTS

TelecomTalk Interviews: Excitel CEO Says 5G Can’t be an Alternative for Fibre Broadband

Since the time the pandemic arrived, people have understood the importance of fibre broadband connections as they let you work from home and help you do almost everything online with reliability and confidence that you can't do with mobile networks. 4G networks are good and decent to allow you to watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix or play games online, but they are not enough when a slightly higher bandwidth is... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: IDC Says 5G Uptake will Not be Rapid in India

India is finally a nation with live commercial 5G networks. Now, this is something that is interesting and exciting for a lot of consumers. Investors in the telecom sector are also pretty happy with the development as they see better returns on the prospect of higher demand for 5G services from enterprises. However, for 5G to actually give any sort of major returns, it will take years. I say this... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: COAI Talks about Private Networks, 5G, 6G and More

5G rollouts are expected to take place around early October 2022. Things look set for the private telcos, and with 5G, Indian consumers will be able to get very fast mobile download and upload speeds along with lower latency networks. However, this is not all there is when we talk about 5G. SP Kochhar, Director General of Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), talked with TelecomTalk about the challenges that... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Saankhya Labs on 5G Direct to Mobile Broadcasting Technology

The world is moving towards new and efficient technologies for communication. Especially when it comes to wireless connectivity/communication, the way things are progressing with 5G around the world is phenomenal. Broadcasting is something that most people understand in traditional terms as watching TV. But it can be so much more in this day and age with advanced tech solutions. Anindya Saha, Chief Technology Officer at Saankhya Labs, talked to TelecomTalk... Read More

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TelecomTalk Interviews: Nokia on Competition Environment in India

After the geopolitical tensions between India and China rose, the Indian government started cutting off Chinese companies from the telecommunications sector because of the potential threat to critical information. Multiple Chinese apps were banned from the country, and some of the biggest Chinese companies in the telecom space of India, including Huawei and ZTE, were ignored during the 5G trials. Huawei and ZTE have been fundamental to the rise of... Read More

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Indian Telcos are Using Geoanalytics to Improve Network Experience: Jugad Bawa, Teoco India

Indian telecom operators have a very challenging market to sort through. There are a lot of customers in the urban cities, but the telcos have a very limited spectrum to serve them with. This creates network capacity issues, and things such as video buffering and call drops keeps on happening. Jugad Bawa, Director, Sales for South Asia and the Middle East, Teoco India, in an exclusive interaction with TelecomTalk, said... Read More

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