Interview: Lytus About Focus on Emerging Sectors Like Telemedicine and Fitness in India

The company aims to enhance the customer experience by providing high-value streaming and exploring new sectors like telemedicine and fitness tech. As India embraces 5G services, Lytus is poised to bridge the gap and redefine the landscape of similar services in the country.


  • Lytus aims to bring diverse service providers into its ecosystem, delivering subscription-based television and internet services.
  • Recent acquisition of Sri Sai Cable and Broadband Private to bolster presence in Telangana and beyond.
  • Lytus is working on launching telemedicine services, building on the success of existing operations in the USA.

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Interview: Lytus About Focus on Emerging Sectors Like Telemedicine and Fitness in India

Lytus is a Platform IT services company focusing on advancing technologies in media, entertainment, healthcare, and financial services to improve customer experiences worldwide. In an interaction with TelecomTalk, Dharmesh Pandya, CEO of Lytus Technologies, shared a few insights regarding the company's entry into the Indian market, its future plans for India, as well as its partnerships and acquisitions. Get to know more about the developments in the Q&A ahead.

1. Please throw some light on the businesses carried out by Lytus in India. How does it differentiate from any other streaming platform or telemedicine services already offered in the country?

Lytus was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing clients from various service providers and other companies into the Lytus Ecosystem. As a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq Capital Market, we specialise in Telecast and Multicast services in India. We deliver monthly subscription-based linear television and Internet services to retail and business clients.

With an extensive network infrastructure spanning over 5,000 kilometres, we provide robust fibre and broadband services. Our focus is on expanding services, resolving internet coverage gaps, and ensuring greater accessibility to online services. We offer a unified platform with a wide range of services beyond conventional streaming.

Our customer base in India spreads across Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, Allahabad, and Telangana, with access to over 450 linear SD/HD channels. Recently, we acquired Sri Sai Cable and Broadband Private Limited, a regional Multi Service Operator (MSO) based in Telangana, India, with a subscriber base of over 1 million.

This strategic acquisition is expected to bolster our presence in Telangana, extending into Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala. Our objective is to provide cutting-edge, affordable platform solutions in emerging areas, catering to the evolving needs of our valued subscribers. We are currently working on launching our telemedicine services in India, building on the success of our existing operations in the USA.

2. What does the company's expansion plan look like with a good start gained by acquiring a Hyderabad-based cable company that offers a good customer base?

Our primary objective is to expand our Telecast and Multicast services in India, reaching out to various states and cities. As a rapidly growing, technology-driven company in India, we have amassed an impressive user base of over 4 million active viewers and users, offering them online content and streaming services. Our growth strategy revolves around providing cutting-edge, high-tech platform solutions at affordable rates, particularly in emerging sectors such as telemedicine, fitness tech, OTT, and other emerging technologies.

By delivering innovative and convenient services, we aim to enhance the customer experience. By consistently investing in research and development, forging strategic partnerships, and placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are confident in our ability to achieve sustainable growth and cement our position as a leading provider of innovative solutions for the future, both in India and beyond.

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3. How does high-value streaming impact the overall viewer experience?

The impact of high-value streaming on the overall viewer experience is significant. It brings about various improvements that greatly enhance the viewing experience of the users. Firstly, high-value streaming ensures the delivery of superior video and audio quality, providing viewers with clear and immersive visuals and sound. High-value streaming also minimises buffering and loading times, allowing viewers to seamlessly access content without interruptions, thereby maintaining their engagement and preventing frustration.

This enhanced visual experience contributes to a more immersive and cinematic feel for viewers. Overall, high-value streaming elevates the viewer experience by providing top-notch quality, seamless performance, and enhanced features, ultimately delivering entertainment that is more captivating, convenient, and satisfying.

At Lytus, we are committed to enhancing the consumer experience through supplementary services and embracing cutting-edge technology. Our primary objective is to adapt alongside evolving viewer needs, presenting unique value propositions, and nurturing continuous engagement with our esteemed customers.

4. How does your international expansion/development impact the growth trajectory in India?

Our remarkable growth in the Indian market can be attributed to the outstanding performance of our Telecast and Multicast (IPTV) services, resulting in a substantial customer base across key cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Allahabad. Leveraging our existing user base in the USA, primarily through our telemedicine services, we are now ready to explore new sectors in both countries.

We understand the unique preferences of users in each market and tailor our strategies accordingly to drive further expansion. Our primary focus is on delivering cutting-edge, technologically advanced platform solutions at competitive prices, particularly in emerging sectors. This approach enables us to effectively meet the changing demands of our esteemed subscribers while continuously strengthening our presence.

5. In addition to your claim that you are an organisation with technology at its heart, what other technological services the company plans to offer?

Lytus is committed to delivering unparalleled value-added services to its target audience through its centralised platform in India. As a thriving and technology-driven service company in India, we have successfully amassed a substantial user base of over 4 million active viewers and users who engage with our online content and streaming services. Our focus will be on key sectors such as telemedicine, fitness tech, OTT, and other emerging technologies, as we aim to provide innovative and convenient services that enhance the customer experience.

6. With the 5G services gaining momentum in the country, how would it help your company bridge the gap between similar services already offered in the country?

The rapid adoption of 5G services in India presents a significant opportunity for us to bridge the gap between existing similar services. The implementation of 5G technology brings several advantages that can enhance the capabilities of broadband services. Firstly, 5G offers significantly higher data transfer speeds, enabling faster and more seamless internet connectivity. This allows us to deliver a superior user experience by reducing latency and enabling high-quality streaming, video conferencing, and other data-intensive applications.

By leveraging 5G technology, it will not only help us in bridging the gap but also redefine the landscape of similar services in the country. It enables us to deliver enhanced connectivity, support a multitude of devices, introduce new and immersive applications, and ultimately provide a superior broadband experience to our customers. It is expected that the 5G services would strengthen the Company's capacity and infrastructure to provide streaming cable services, to provide healthcare services, etc.

7. Kindly comment on Lytus Services from the existing 4G perspective in the market.

4G services in India have had a transformative impact on the country's digital landscape, improving internet connectivity and access across regions. While 5G services were introduced in October 2022, they are not yet available in all markets. We recognise the existing gaps in internet connectivity, particularly in rural areas, and are committed to bridging those disparities.

Currently, a large portion of the population continues to rely on 4G services. These services have fuelled the growth of mobile apps and digital platforms, with high-speed internet on mobile devices driving increased usage across entertainment, social media, e-commerce, and productivity tools.

Overall, the presence of 4G services has revolutionised how people access information, communicate, and engage in online activities. However, with the advent of 5G technology, there is an expectation of even more advanced and transformative capabilities in the near future, such as record and analysis of real-time data, healthcare services through interactive television boxes, increased security and safety protocol, etc.

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