5G in India Will be Majorly Based on O-RAN

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5G in India

Even though 5G networks are quite far from the Indian market, the telecom operators have started testing their 5G solutions to ensure that a faster rollout of the next-generation networks is possible. 5G in India will majorly be based on Open-Radio Access Network (O-RAN). For the unaware, O-RAN will enable the operators to source their network components (hardware and software) from different companies. Without O-RAN, the operators need to depend on purchasing everything from single vendors which has helped companies such as Nokia and Ericsson deploy their solutions around the world.

According to a BusinessLine report, Rajen Vagadia, VP and President of Qualcomm India and SAARC, India’s 5G networks will be majorly based on O-RAN. Even though O-RAN technology is still under development and will take a little time before it reaches the market, Vagadia believes that a huge chunk of the Indian 5G networks will be based on O-RAN.

Indians Won’t Have to Depend on Chinese Companies for 5G

Vagadia said that Indians won’t have to depend on Chinese companies for 5G anymore. In fact, even if there are political tensions with some other nation, the operators can deploy different components of a network from different companies with the help of O-RAN. This will help the operators in excluding the companies from the countries that are not India’s friends anymore.

As per Vagadia, O-RAN will be very compelling for the Indian operators because it will be less costly and would also allow more flexibility in terms of operations. One of the major statements from Vagadia came related to the 5Gi. For the unaware, the 5Gi is the 5G standard that India has developed and it lacks global standards. Vagadia said that for the 5Gi to be successful, it will require ‘standardisation’ which is what some people in the industry believe as well.

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