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OneWeb will Launch 36 More Satellites with ISRO in March 2023

OneWeb, a satellite communications (satcom) player, will be taking the help of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) to launch another batch of 36 satellites to the low earth orbit (LEO). Back in 2022, OneWeb and ISRO partnered to launch 36 satellites. Now, in March 2023, ISRO will launch another 36 satellites of OneWeb into space. The satellites meant to be launched are already on their way to India, said an... Read More

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UK Space Agency Announces 50 Million Pounds for Satcom

The UK Space Agency has announced 50 million pounds for further strengthening the UK's satellite communications Industry. The fundings come from the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Services (ARTES) programme of the European Space Agency (ESA), and it can be used for a range of projects, including the creation of new satellite constellations, the ground infrastructure required to connect to them, or complete end-to-end systems that provide new services to clients.... Read More

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WTA Ranks Vivacom as Fastest Growing Satellite Company Globally

Vivacom, a member of United Group, leading telecommunications and multimedia organization in Southeast Europe and the parent company of Nova in Greece, has won a high international ranking. According to the World Teleport Association's Top Teleport Operators 2022 report, Vivacom has topped globally in terms of revenue growth from satellite services for business customers. After joining Southeast Europe's top telecommunication and media operator just two years ago, Bulgarian telecom has... Read More

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OneWeb Insures Remaining Gen1 Satellite Launches with Marsh

OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, and Marsh, the world's leading insurance broker and risk advisor, announced that the launches from US and India are covered as per their existing relationship that will continue through 2023. OneWeb's Agreement with Marsh Earlier in September 2021, OneWeb signed an agreement for an insured value of more than 1 billion dollars through Marsh, and the existing contract will cover the... Read More

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Du and SES Trial Satellite-Enabled 5G Mobile Backhaul

Du, a leading telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates, has demonstrated the first satellite-enabled 5G Mobile Network backhaul in the Middle East using SES medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites. On Monday, both companies announced that the Satellite connectivity delivered by SES accommodated du's 5G backhaul requirements over remote areas of the region. Live Demonstration of Technology The live Proof of Concept (POC) saw multiple tests conducted over an SES's... Read More

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Starlink to Soon Start in South Korea

Starlink, a satellite communications (satcom) company owned by SpaceX has filed papers to start services in South Korea. The development was reported by Reuters (via Yonhap). Starlink's website suggests that it would start services in the second quarter of this year in South Korea. Starlink has deployed a constellation of satellites to offer internet services to people across the world. Satellite internet can reach places where terrestrial networks can't. Thus... Read More

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OneWeb Successfully Deploys 40 Satellites With SpaceX

OneWeb, a major satellite communications (satcom) player globally, is deploying satellites to expand coverage and provide internet connectivity through space. Today, the Bharti Airtel backed Satcom company confirmed the deployment of 40 satellites launched by SpaceX. The launch happened from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and this launch of 40 Satellites is OneWeb's 16th to date. OneWeb Satellite Launch With only two more launches remaining to complete OneWeb's first-generation constellation... Read More

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Regulatory Hurdles a Big Task for Satcom Players Such as Starlink

Indian satellite communications (satcom) sector is waiting to blow up in 2023. The arrival of satellite broadband services would immensely benefit the Indian economy in the medium term. Because of satcom, communication in remote areas where the terrestrial networks can't reach would become possible. But it would not be an easy task for the satcom players to navigate through the Indian market. This is because there are a lot of... Read More

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Satcom Players have a Big Opportunity in India, but Many things Need to Go Right

Satellite communications (Satcom) sector is going to blow up in India in the near future. The road is set, but the sector regulator would have to be very careful and deliberate about the policies it forms for the satcom players. Currently, two players have the GMPCS (global mobile personal communication by satellite) license in India - OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications Ltd. OneWeb has already deployed most of its planned... Read More

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Satcom in India: Hiranandani and Veeno Communications Apply for GMPCS License

The GMPCS authorisation under the Unified licence has so far been awarded to OneWeb India Communications and Jio Satellite Communications. Two additional entities have applied for the right to set up gateways, increasing the level of competition in the satellite communication market. Hiranandani Group, a significant player in the real estate industry, and Veeno Communications, a startup from Bengaluru, have sought GMPCS license, according to an RTI reviewed by the... Read More

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Vivacom Starts Construction of a New Ground Station for OneWeb in Bulgaria

Vivacom, part of the united Group network and OneWeb, announced the development of a dedicated Satellite Network Portal (SNP) or ground station for OneWeb in Bulgaria. The facility will boost accessibility to OneWeb's constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites for EU nations and broaden communications capabilities. In addition, this will improve broadband coverage and enhance system resilience for areas stretching Central Europe and Central Asia, including the Black Sea and the... Read More

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Starlink Working to Enable Direct Satellite Connectivity with Smartphones

Starlink, a SpaceX-owned satellite communications (Satcom) company, plans to bring digital connectivity to the remotest parts of the country. Elon Musk-owned satcom company requires consumers to purchase additional equipment for getting satellite internet signals and then creating a Wi-Fi network from it. However, now, Starlink is working on a technology that would eliminate the need for consumers to get that additional equipment for connecting their smartphones with the satellite internet.... Read More

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