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Ericsson and MediaTek Achieves Uplink Throughput of Nearly 500 Mbps

Ericsson and MediaTek are extensively investing their efforts in the development of 5G network to bring the next big revolution in the tech industry. In the latest development, both the entities have jointly achieved a new milestone. Ericsson and MediaTek performed a four-component carrier (4CC) uplink aggregation on millimetre wave (mmWave) that recorded a peak throughput rate of 495 Mbps, of which 425 Mbps was achieved in New Radio (NR)... Read More

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Verizon Says 20% Users Already Own 5G Smartphones

While there are 5G networks already live in the United States (US), the technology is still in its early stages. Only a handful number of people in the country consume 5G services, the majority of the users are still on 4G networks. Verizon said that its financial performance for the rest of the year should be better. This should happen on the back of the increasing 5G adoption rate and... Read More

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AT&T 5G Ecosystem has More than 250 Million People in the US

The renowned American multinational entity AT&T is rapidly expanding its 5G coverage in the US region. After one year of launching 5G services in the US, AT&T 5G is now used by more than 250 million people. Not only this, but the AT&T 5G+ is now present in 38 cities and 20 venues across the US. The company is also expecting to expand the reach of 5G+ technology in parts... Read More

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Ericsson Develops New 5G Feature With Telia and Qualcomm Technologies

Ericsson has been investing substantial efforts and innovative technologies in the development of 5G network. In the latest happening, the Swedish multinational giant and Telia have teamed up with Qualcomm Technologies to jointly elevate the 5G innovations plans by testing a fresh industry-best feature in Telia’s commercial 5G network. The recent initiative adds to Ericsson and Telia’s 5G alliance that aims to hoist 5G for both smartphone users and emerging... Read More

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Chinese Telecom Gear Manufacturers Now Allowed to List on Govt Procurement Website

In a new relief to the Chinese telecom gear manufacturers, the companies Huawei and ZTE have finally got login access to the telecom products portal. For the unaware, the telecom products portal is a government website wherein the telecom companies in India can seek products from various vendors. The telcos first have to show interest in a product and seek details for it, bid, and then make their purchase. It... Read More

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5G Sustainability and Strength Focus Points for Qualcomm’s Green Network Research

Technology is an ever-growing industry and is consumed at a large scale. The subsequent energy consumption from the tech industry is also hitting peak levels. The technology industry has been working towards a sustainable future. Under the telecommunications industry, players like Qualcomm have proposed a complementary approach for reducing power consumption. Qualcomm’s approach states that power consumption can be optimised even when the network is actively transmitting. Power Amplifiers Are... Read More

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5G Deals with Verizon and Telefonica Broadened by IBM

The next-generation mobile network technology, that is, 5G, is booming all over the world at its own pace. Apart from the mobile network itself, many big technology companies offer 5G related services to telecom operators. Telecom operators like Verizon and Telefonica will be offered new services by IBM under its plan to broaden 5G deals, ranging from running 5G over a cloud platform to using artificial intelligence. 5G Networks Are... Read More

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Google to Notify Users About Unreliable Search Results

Google search has nearly provided us with solutions to all our problems. However, there are many instances where search results are not reliable. One of the major reasons behind unreliable search results can be the lack of information about the topic. In a new development, Google will tell the users when the search results are unreliable. The move by Google strives to provide relevant and reliable information to the users.... Read More

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Ethio Telecom and Ericsson Team up for 4G Network Expansion

A partnership between Ethiopian telecommunications company Ethio Telecom and Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson has been established to expand Ethio Telecom’s 4G services. The expansion of 4G services will be deployed in the South West region of Ethiopia within this year. A press release by Ericsson revealed that the company would provide its portfolio of Ericsson Radio System Products to Ethio Telecom for this deployment project. 4G Network... Read More

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6G Network in South Korea Might Commercialise in 2028

Even though 5G is still rolling out in several parts of the world, technocrats are eyeing the 6G technology. In the recent development in the 6G bubble, South Korea is planning to deploy the first-ever 6G network by the end of 2028. Not only this, but the nation will also structure a program to curate the core standards and technologies in the period of five years. Spreading light on the... Read More

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Japan’s First Multi Operator RAN Deployed by Ericsson

KDDI Corporation and Softbank have selected Ericsson as one of the vendors to set up Japan’s first Multi-Operator Radio Access Network, also known as MORAN. Ericsson has been a popular choice between telecom operators and organisations in the tech world, especially in the current market where 5G is budding. New, flexible and efficient ways to deploy networks will emerge with Ericsson’s network sharing solutions. These networks will be deployed to... Read More

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6G Technology Speed 50 Times Faster Than 5G: Samsung

The development of 5G networks is extensively pushed around the globe. However, amidst the development of 5G, some of the tech entities have also started 6G trials to bring a complete wave of reformation in the tech industry. Among the big names, the South Korean multinational company Samsung claimed that it had achieved 50 times faster and efficient speed in 6G as compared to 5G. The information was revealed by... Read More

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