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How Does FTTH Broadband Work?

As the internet is an integral part of our lives, we cannot compromise on its usage. If you are one who is hooked to social media and love to surf the internet or binge-watch in your leisure time, then you need to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. If you want to experience faster internet speed, then you need to switch your internet service provider and opt for an FTTH broadband plan. Before... Read More

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Here’s How You Can Upgrade to Windows 10 Without Additional Costs

Ever since Windows 11 launched, many users who were running on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 might be wondering as to how they can upgrade compatible devices to Windows 10 so as to upgrade to Windows 11, given that their device specifications meet the requirements for the latest version of Windows. However, paying full price for the Home edition of Windows is not a cheap affair, and many might not... Read More

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Here’s How You Can Fix the ‘Cannot Download’ File Issue on Chromebooks

Chromebooks have a reputation in the regular crowd of being overpriced laptops in India, but in reality, they are massively handy products that are more than useful for your day to day operations. ChromeOS, the proprietory software for Chromebooks, is also quite useful when it comes to doing such tasks, no matter how intensive the task might be. Since Chromebooks integrate with the Google cloud like a charm, working seems... Read More

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How To Check Whether Your Phone Supports Carrier Aggregation

Carrier Aggregation is a feature that has gotten more people talking, especially considering how 5G is taking a long time to arrive in the Indian market. Recently, talks regarding CA have been at an all-time high, since Reliance Jio has purchased a few spectrums that allow for wider coverage of Carrier Aggregation. If you were wondering as to what CA is and, how to check whether or not your device... Read More

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Wondering How to Use Clubhouse? Here’s a Complete Guide

Clubhouse, the audio-only application that grew to fame over the last couple of months, was recently launched on Android, providing access to the masses. If you, too, have joined Clubhouse recently, it might be a bit overwhelming, especially considering the UI and how it differs from regular social media apps like Twitter or Instagram. If you wish to know about how Clubhouse works and, more importantly, how to use one... Read More

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How to Add Family Members for Quick Recharge on Airtel Thanks App

Airtel has been known for offering lucrative services and benefits to gain the title of India’s most trusted telecom operator. The telco rolls out an array of features to aid the subscribers and elevate their experience. One of the features which Airtel offers to its users is that they can add their family members and friends to the Airtel Thanks app and recharge their phone numbers. Not just prepaid or... Read More

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How to Use Samsung TV Plus for Entertaining Yourself

Samsung TV Plus has become one of the renowned streaming services around the globe. The Smart TV video service offers instant access to news, sports, entertainment and much more. You can simply turn on your TV and open the gates of hassle-free entertainment options. The best feature of the Samsung TV Plus is that it is amalgamated with your Samsung TV. You do not have to install any external device... Read More

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How to Activate Jio Missed Call Alert Service

There are many cases where your smartphone is switched off, and you miss important calls from friends or family members. The largest telecom operator of India, Reliance Jio, offers missed call alert service for subscribers. With the help of the service, subscribers can easily trace which number called on their smartphone. In case you are not aware, Jio missed call alert service sends SMS regarding incoming calls to your Jio... Read More

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How to Track Service Request Status on Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio offers ample offers and benefits to its subscribers for hassle-free telecom services. The largest telecom operator of India looks out to fulfil all the queries and request of subscribers. There are many cases where Jio users fill a specific service request. To elevate the user experience, Jio allows users to track their service request status. There are two different ways through which Jio users can track their service... Read More

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How to Activate DND on Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea

Telecom service providers recently asked TRAI to keep the telemarketer regulations in place. Unregistered firms must pay a charge to deliver spam message to the consumers under this regulation. In 2012, TRAI imposed these rules, requiring telemarketers to pay 50 paise if they exceeded the daily cap of 100 messages. Nevertheless, telecom users get the option to block these pesky and unwanted messages by activating DND mode. Follow the article... Read More

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How to Download Vodafone Idea Postpaid Bill

Vodafone Idea (Vi) users get the option to keep track of their call and data expenses through the detailed postpaid bill. There are two ways through which users can download their Vodafone Idea postpaid bill. One of the methods of downloading Vodafone Idea postpaid bill is through the official mobile app. Subscribers can also use their registered email ID to download their Vodafone Idea postpaid bill. Follow the article to... Read More

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How to Resolve SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error

SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card is a smart card that contains all the data like client character, telephone number, area, contact list, individual security keys, instant messages, and organization approval information. This little chip lets you enjoy an array of services offered by the network provider on your smartphone. The 'SIM not provisioned' error message is a common issue that pops up when people use a new SIM card.... Read More

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