Who killed native Video calling ?

With the rollout of 3G services by MTNL/BSNL in the early years of wireless data era in India, these were the government operators who took an early advantage in promoting high-speed data services in the form of Video calling and high-speed connectivity services. BSNL also has a very good advertisement for video calling services on 3G technology. Though 4G/LTE services are rolled by various operators, video calling was never really… Read More


This Is How Airtel Can Turn The RJio Challenge To Its Advantage

A new chapter begins in the story of Indian telecommunications industry with the launch of Reliance Jio’s 4G services earlier this month. In a highly disruptive move, Jio launched services by announcing one of the cheapest data plan in the world and free-voice-for-life service to its subscribers. As if this wasn’t enough the company would be offering free voice, data and messaging service till the end of the current calendar… Read More


Voice over LTE (VoLTE) simplified for the layman

Since the launch of Jio, one of the technical jargon’s that is widely in buzz is VoLTE and Reliance Jio is also betting big on VoLTE. Being a highly technical terminology there have been many doubts arising on VoLTE. We have tried to clear all those doubts/confusions with this article. I will also try to explain VoLTE in a very simple terminology without going much into technical details and keep it… Read More


Our Analysis on various types of mobile consumers and what Indian 4G operators can learn from it

If I use 4G/LTE/VoLTE on my mobile, that doesn’t mean I can presume everyone is using the latest and fastest technology available in the market. Likewise if I use 2G/3G on my mobile that doesn’t mean no one is ahead of me in using the latest technology available. If I feel it in any of the above ways its just like “a cat drinking milk with eyes closed”. I certainly… Read More

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Blockchain: The technology that Powers Bitcoin can revolutionize Telecom

Bitcoins have been in the news for a few years now. In addition to legal payments for some services, bitcoin has also been a favourite mode of payment for ransomware attackers due to its anonymous nature. While Bitcoin exchanges have cropped up all over including India, the technology behind bitcoins, the blockchain has been a subject of interest for researchers and corporations. Blockchains take single-point intermediaries like banks in the current payment… Read More


The Importance of Product Registration: Notes to Consumers and Brands

We all get excited about ordering a new gadget online, receiving it in record time and starting to use it. But how many of us bother to track down the product registration link of the maker and enter all the details to register the product? Very few, in our observation. Why is product registration important? The first and the foremost reason is to avoid warranty claim issues. Several times, when… Read More


Got cash to burn? Here are the best Android smartphones available in India

Google’s Android OS leads today’s smartphone market. We can hardly think of any other OS when talking about smartphones and tablets. Even though iOS has got a substantial following but Android still leads the way. Keeping up with the pace, smartphone makers have also invested an enormous amount of hard work to make Android what it is today. Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. have brought significant changes to mobile… Read More


Open Source Adoption is growing in the Telecom Industry

If you are using any technology driven product, you are most likely to be using an open source software knowingly or unknowingly. Did you ever realize that the website you visit from your desktop or a smartphone browser is hosted on some cloud platform running Linux? Nearly 1 in 3 machines on Microsoft Azure is running Linux. The growing base of open source is acknowledged by the large corporations like Microsoft… Read More


How Bots can change the customer experience and improve productivity in the Telecom Industry

Since the advent of Siri, personal digital assistants have been an exciting thing. We later saw Google Now and then came Microsoft’s Cortana. While digital assistants can do a lot more there is another category, the bots. Many of us would have observed that replies to customers from telcos in social networks appear to be robotic in nature. According to our sources in the telecom industry, they aren’t handled by bots… Read More


Vivo V3 Review: A good smartphone with an inappropriate price tag

Vivo emerged to become a known Chinese brand all over the world. With a share of 14 percent globally, it is the fifth largest smartphone maker in the world. The company pushed its nearest competitors Xiaomi and Lenovo to get the position. In India too, Vivo is constantly trying to make its presence felt in India since the past two years. It invested hugely in the Indian smartphone market and… Read More


How BSNL and MVNOs can play a Win-Win Game?

Lately, BSNL is back in green, thanks to the determination of the current telecom minister R.S. Prasad, efforts of the BSNL leadership and staff. At the same time, with TRAI’s nod for MVNOs in India, we may see a spurt in MVNOs across the country. We believe the best partner for any MVNO in the country would be BSNL. BSNL’s PAN India network infrastructure is largely underutilized, thanks to The lack… Read More

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Yu Yunicorn review: Does it ‘redefine flagships’? Here is what we think

Micromax-backed YU promised us a flagship this year. And with the launch of its recent flagship, the Yunicorn, our hopes were pretty high. At the launch event, we were given high hopes about the device. Distinctly remembering the words of YU’s CEO, Rahul Sharma, who touted that the Yunicorn brings the most wanted changes that every user has been looking for. To recap, YU made a similar promise for the… Read More


Looking to buy a 4G-equipped smartphone under 10k? we bring to you top 5 smartphones launched in May

Smartphones have always stayed up to date with the latest connectivity trends. Nowadays, every user chooses a smartphone that comes equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, which provides 10x faster internet than 3G. Almost every manufacturer is trying to include 4G LTE connectivity in their device. While almost all 4G smartphones in India supports LTE on band 3(1800Mhz) and band 40(2300Mhz), not many devices support band 5(850Mhz). Keeping in mind that the… Read More

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