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Smartphone Trends we are Witnessing in 2024

Smartphones have evovled to become a lifestyle enabler for consumers in 2024. Today, a smartphone isn't just a device that allows a person to stay connected to their peers or loved ones, but also a gateway to an ecosystem of online applications that contribute majorly to the global GDP. Every year, what we can do overall with a smartphone is redefined with new technologies and processors that are fit into... Read More

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2024 for Indian Telecom Sector: What to Expect

2024 will be the year when we might finally see 5G being monetised in a more meaningful manner by the telcos. However, there's more that would shock the customers. We are talking about the tariff hikes. Further, there's space communications to look forward to. Today, we will talk about what we can expect from the Indian telecom sector in 2024. Will 5G Tariffs Come? 5G is witnessing a fast uptake... Read More

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Top Highlights of 2023 for Indian Telecom Sector

2023 was a decent year for the telecom sector in India. While 2022 will always be remembered for the launch of 5G, 2023 will be remembered for the passing of the Telecom Bill 2023. There was tremendous growth for the telcos and the customer experience improved significantly as 5G reached more locations. On the last day of 2023, let's go over the entire year and see what were the top highlights... Read More

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OnePlus Showed What Never Settle Really Means in 2023

It was a cold morning on Jan 2, 2018, when I unboxed my first OnePlus smartphone. I didn’t know what the brand stood for, but I had seen how much love one of my close friends had for his OnePlus 5. Thus, when it came to upgrading my device, an immediate choice was the OnePlus 5T. It had a perfectly slim body and a dual-camera setup with the ability to... Read More

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Minimum Mandatory Smartphone Usage Etiquette That You Need to Know

Thanks to one of the world's cheapest mobile tariffs in India, smartphone usage has experienced rapid growth, becoming an integral part of daily life. It is now hard to imagine a day without these devices. The current trend in smartphone usage spans multiple generations and includes people from various walks of life, who use smartphones for diverse purposes, whether or not they are familiar with their usage at various places.... Read More

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One Year of 5G in India, What has changed

5G was launched in India exactly a year back today, on Oct 1, 2022. Now, it has reached almost all parts of the country and millions have experienced it already. India has witnessed the fastest 5G rollout in the world. It was only possible because of the fast policy changes from the government and the sector regulator and the aggressive strategies employed by the Indian telecom operators Airtel and Jio.... Read More

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5G and India’s Vision of Modernity: Independence Day Reflections

India is celebrating its 77th Independence Day today. The country is elated with the progress it has made so far under several governments and leaderships. One area where India stands out globally is the telecom sector. It is not because of the technological advancements but because of the astounding last-mile connectivity that Indians have today. While there’s a scope for major coverage improvements in the rural landscape, stay assured the... Read More

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Possible Effects of Increasing the Minimum Broadband Speed to 100 Mbps in a Country

The minimum broadband speed in India is 2 Mbps. The minimum speed for broadband recognition was updated by a notification from the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) earlier this year from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps. Much recently, in the United States of America, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, has proposed 100 Mbps as the minimum broadband speed in the country. That’s a stark difference in minimum broadband... Read More

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Is Offering Free Streaming the Correct Norm in Large Population Countries Such as India

In recent years, the landscape of media consumption has witnessed a significant shift, with online streaming platforms gaining immense popularity. India, being a large and diverse country, presents unique challenges and opportunities for streaming services. One trend that has emerged is the provision of free streaming content to capture the attention and loyalty of the Indian audience. This article explores the impact and implications of free streaming offerings in a... Read More

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The Future of Satcom: Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Satcom industry is going to be the next enabler of digital growth in underdeveloped markets. One of the biggest advantages of satellite broadband is that it doesn't need fiber to deliver internet. If you are near a satellite gateway, all you need is a device that can connect to the network of the gateway. Individual customers, as well as enterprises, both are going to benefit from the presence of... Read More

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BSNL 4G is Arriving Soon, but It May Not Make a Difference

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is soon going to launch 4G in India using indigenous technology. It is worth noting that the state-run telco already offers 4G services in many parts of the nation. But this is not using homegrown tech. However, in the near future, the company is going to launch 4G with the help of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT), and Tejas... Read More

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Souradip Bhattacharya :

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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