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You Broadband 40 Mbps Plan Compared to Airtel’s Same Offering

Fibre broadband ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have seen solid growth since the time the pandemic came. Because of the pandemic, people working from their homes relied on fibre internet connections for plenty of data and sufficient speed. Two major ISPs in India right now, You Broadband and Airtel Xstream Fiber, offer a similar kind of plan. Of course, it can be pretty confusing for you if you have to decide... Read More

June 13th, 2022 8:41 AM 1 COMMENTS

You Broadband Super Affordable Offering Under Rs 500 With Plenty of Data

You Broadband is the fiber broadband arm of Vodafone Idea (Vi). While it is not as popular or in demand as JioFiber or the Airtel Xstream Fiber, You Broadband can still be a top choice for people looking for affordable services. The best thing about You Broadband’s fiber plans is that they offer a ton of data to the users along with decent speed for an affordable price. Today, we... Read More

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Broadband Plans With Half-Year Subscription That Provide Great Value For Money

Internet service providers (ISPs) have a variety of broadband plans in their portfolios to fulfil the needs of each and every user. These plans not only are different in terms of pricing but in some cases have different validity periods as well. Some of the plans from these ISPs come with a longer validity period which actually helps users to save some money and still get the same high-speed connectivity.... Read More

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Jio vs BSNL vs ACT vs Vi: Who Offers a Better 150 Mbps Broadband Plan

The ISPs in the country offer a wide portfolio of broadband plans for their users. If you’re looking for a high-speed plan that can cover the bases such as online learning, gaming, work and more, 150 Mbps plans might be apt for you. There are multiple service providers that offer plans with amazing benefits. Mentioned below are the 150 Mbps broadband plans offered by Jio, BSNL, ACT and You to... Read More

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Tata Play, Jio, Excitel and More Semi-Annual Broadband Plans

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of broadband plans to suit the need of their subscriber base. Some of the ISPs not only provide the plans with different pricing and benefits but also offer different validity periods. For users, who are looking to invest in long term plans, ISPs offer quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans which can actually cost less than monthly plans, however, a lump-sum amount has... Read More

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BSNL, Jio, You broadband Plans With 150 Mbps Speed: Benefits and Price

While the internet service providers or ISPs in India offer a variety of broadband plans, there are some plans that are sufficient to fulfil the majority of users’ needs. One of the high-speed plans offered by the operators is the 150 Mbps plan that fulfils a majority of purposes such as e-learning, gaming, entertainment and more as well as provides seamless high-speed connectivity in multiple devices simultaneously. Mentioned below are... Read More

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You Broadband Highest Speed Internet Plan in India

You Broadband, the fiber broadband subsidiary of Vodafone Idea, might not be the most famous internet service provider (ISP) in the country; regardless, it still has some very decent plans in its portfolio for regular consumers. The company also offers services to enterprise customers. If you are looking for the highest-speed internet plan from You Broadband, don’t think too high as you are not going to get a 500 Mbps... Read More

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You Broadband 350 Mbps Plan Available for Rs 1750

If you are looking for a high-speed broadband plan, You Broadband can be a decent choice for you. The fiber broadband subsidiary of Vodafone Idea is offering its 350 Mbps broadband plan for only Rs 1750. This plan comes with unlimited data and is also available in different validity configurations. With long-term validity plans, You Broadband offers customers additional days of service. It is non-traditional of a company to offer... Read More

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Half-Yearly High-Speed Broadband Plans from Jio, Tata Sky, BSNL and More

Broadband connectivity has become a necessity ever since the pandemic has arrived, be it for working from home, online learning or running businesses. While a lot of users may stick to the monthly broadband plans offered by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), there can also be a section of users who want to go for broadband plans with longer validity. For such scenarios, many ISPs offer broadband plans with six... Read More

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Spectra, One Broadband Move Up in Netflix ISP Speed Index in India

The ISP Speed Index report from Netflix has witnessed a few changes in the leader board as a couple of broadband companies have moved their place up. The ISP speed index report from Netflix for the month of December is live and there are a few changes this time as compared to the previous month. Spectra and One Broadband have been able to make their way to the top of... Read More

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You Broadband Offers One of the Most Affordable 200 Mbps Plans

You Broadband, the fiber broadband arm of Vodafone Idea, offers one of the most affordable 200 Mbps plans to the customers. If you are looking for a plan that offers you high-internet speed and also keeps your expense at check, You Broadband can make for a great option. But there’s just one thing; you won’t get any over-the-top (OTT) benefits with this plan. You Broadband doesn’t offer a single OTT... Read More

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Work from Home Broadband Plans from Airtel, Jio, BSNL, Vodafone Idea

The devastating wave of the Covid-19 pandemic that took the world off its feet last year forced the majority of the industries and sectors to mandate their employees to work from the comforts of home. People shifted to work-from-home culture and the demand for unlimited plans increased substantially. Various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of the country went on a head-to-head competition to provide better and attractive offers to their customers... Read More

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