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FIFA 22 to Release October 1, ISL Teams Finally Included

EA or Electronic Arts is well known for its annual football franchise, FIFA. Today, it was announced that FIFA would mark its return for this year and will bring along with it some new tricks that should attract more customers, including the HyperMotion technology that has been designed to deliver a more fluid and, more importantly, a more realistic experience. It has been announced that FIFA 22 will be launched... Read More

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After MLA, CAIT Secretary-General Asks for Ban on BGMI India

Ever since Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG was banned in India back in 2020, the ardent followers of the game had been lacking a good game that could compete with, or even match what PUBG had to offer. All this recently changed with Krafton announcing plans for Battlegrounds Mobile India, a rebranded version of PUBG with some additions for the Indian market. In regards to the game, the company is... Read More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Announces That UAZ Will Be Included in the Game

Multiple leaks about the Battlegrounds Mobile India have been circulating on the internet. So here’s something that’s confirmed and you will surely see it in the game. According to the latest post by Battlegrounds Mobile India on its Instagram profile, the game is all set to feature UAZ, the favourite vehicle of the users in PUBG Mobile. The vehicle might get a small redesign but its colours, speed and health... Read More

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Reliance Jio and SEGA Collaborate To Offer Popular Games in India

Gaming has become increasingly common in recent years, with more and more users opting to spend on gaming consoles and handheld consoles to enjoy some premium tier gaming. The hype and restocking issues that are evident with Sony's PlayStation 5 hint at how the overall gaming community has grown in the past couple of years. Despite this craze, the one thing that gaming has seen occur in recent years which... Read More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Tipped to Launch in the Third Week of June

Krafton is yet to reveal the release date of the most awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India online mobile game. In the previous reports, it has been expected that the company might launch the game sometime in June. However, there was no certainty about the exact launch date of the game title. The game is already up for pre-registration for Android users, while the iOS version is still waiting for the green... Read More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Feature ‘Erangle’ Map

Krafton has been releasing teasers after teasers of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BIM) on its website and official Facebook page. Looking at the recent poster shared by Krafton, it is evident that the Battlegrounds Mobile India will retain the ‘Erangel’ map from the PUBG Mobile. But the poster reveals that the name of the map will come with a slight variation. As per the poster, the name of the map... Read More

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You Can Now Buy Sony’s PS5 DualSense Controller via Apple’s Site

Sony's PlayStation series has been one of the best selling gaming consoles of all time, be it the original PlayStation or the PS2 or the PS3. If you are into gaming and are a proper console gamer, you have probably owned a Sony console once in your life. The company recently launched the PS5 in India, but with this launch came the issue of stock since most potential buyers were... Read More

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PUBG Mobile Indian User Data Still Accessible as per Report

PUBG Mobile, the popular survival game, was the talk of the time for a couple of years in India due to the quality of graphics that the game had to offer and the premise that it promised to provide. Despite being wildly popular in the country, it was banned in India in September of 2020 alongside other Chinese applications due to security risks. The company has been trying its best... Read More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date Information

Everyone’s excited to see firsthand how the Battlegrounds Mobile India will look like. The game is about to launch in India, and the pre-registrations are already going on. However, the release date of the game hasn’t been revealed by the company. Looking at the support page of the game’s website, it looks like the game might not be near a launch stage yet. The company said that it is still... Read More

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Battleground Mobile India iOS Version Launch Expected Soon: Report

On May 18th, 2021, Krafton announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BIM) is up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. The company has confirmed that the game is compatible with Android devices running on Android 5.1.1 and above and have at least 2GB RAM. However, the game developers are yet to unveil anything about the iOS launch of the game, which might be disappointing for iOS users. Don’t worry; we... Read More

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration URL Has PUBG Mobile in It

As announced by Krafton, the pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India went live on April 18, 2021. However, one key spotting by IGN India on the URL of the Play Store link for pre-registration of the game is the mention of ‘PUBG Mobile’ in it. If you can’t find the pre-registration link for Battlegrounds Mobile India, please click here. The URL of the pre-registration link mentions ‘pubg.imobile’. Everyone already knows that... Read More

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Call of Duty Mobile Update to Bring Rambo, Die Hard Characters to the Game

Call of Duty Mobile has been the talk of the town ever since its launch, having been the much-awaited game that was supposed to bring the fight to Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG). When PUBG was banned in India, the game catapulted to further fame, becoming one of the primary games on offer in India that provided a medium to experience realistic combat. Now that it has been announced that... Read More

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