PUBG Mobile’s Next Map Will Launch Next Month, Named as ‘Nusa’

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Regular updates for PUBG Mobile will add interesting content for the game's users, enhancing their overall gaming experience. As part of the upcoming 2.2 updates, Tencent will add a new battle royale map called Nusa to the game, enhancing the battle royale experience. After Livik, the new map is the second exclusive map in the game. Players were given a sneak preview of the next content when Tencent and Krafton released the beta versions of the upcoming 2.2 update earlier this month. A new themed mode called Gear Front will replace the game's current Ancient Secret mode in addition to the new terrain. Let's learn more about the next game's map.

PUBG Mobile's New Map

On Day 2 of the PMPL MY/SG/PH Country Finals, the map was formally unveiled. Nusa, the second exclusive map for the game, is also the game's smallest map because it is only half as big as Livik. One square kilometre in size and located in a tropical area, Nusa is a distinct map that makes up one-eighth of Erangel. A secret cave, a mansion with three swimming pools, and a monster truck are among the many locations that the new map is rumoured to include. In PUBG Mobile, the Nusa Map will debut sometime in September. It should be noted that the release date for the map has not been formally announced. The second or third week of September will likely see the release of the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update.

It will include plenty of supplies, enabling users to start fighting as soon as they get to their favourite drop points. About eight minutes would pass between each match. Players will also be able to test out a new weapon on the new map. It has attributes that are absent from other maps. There are also elaborate structures like a Ferris wheel, windmills, and a hot air balloon. In some buildings, there is even a lift that players can use to search for loot.

Will the new map be Available in BGMI?

Along with PUBG Mobile's release, BGMI will also get its 2.2 upgrades. As you are all aware, the game formerly contained the same content that was present in the worldwide edition of PUBG Mobile. BGMI is an exclusive version of PUBG Mobile for Indian gamers. Similar to that, the new map Nusa will also be available in BR mode for BGMI with the next 2.2 release. The New map will bring the overall number of maps in PUBG Mobile and BGMI to six. Tencent might temporarily remove a map, similar to how Vikendi was excluded when Karakin was introduced.

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