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Asianet Fiber Entry Level Broadband Plan Detailed

Asianet Fiber, the regional internet service provider (ISP), which provides services in Kerala, offers a range of plans with high speeds. Asianet Fiber provides customers broadband services using a Technology mix of both fiber and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) across Kerala. The service provider has been serving the Kerala market for over 20 years with an unparalleled reach of over 100 towns in Kerala. Let's now look... Read More

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Asianet 1 Gbps Plans Comes with Double Data than Jio, Airtel 1 Gbps Plans

Asianet Broadband offers its 1 Gbps plan with double the amount of data than what users get with the 1 Gbps plans of Airtel and Jio. Not only that, but Asianet Broadband's 1 Gbps plan is also more affordable than the plans of Jio and Airtel. It is worth noting that Jio and Airtel are the two largest fiber broadband service providers in the country. Asianet Broadband, on the other... Read More

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Asianet Broadband Now Offers a 1 Gbps Plan to Customers

Asianet Broadband, a regional internet service provider (ISP), only offering its services in the state of Kerala, is now also providing retail customers with a 1 Gbps speed plan option. This plan was not offered by the company earlier. 1 Gbps plans are mostly sought by niche customers such as customers who have offices, small businesses which require a lot of bandwidth as multiple devices are connected or commercial buildings... Read More

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Asianet Broadband Will Offer Free Data to Students

Asianet Broadband, Kerala’s popular Internet Service Provider has joined hands with KITE Victers, a Government of Kerala initiative in delivering educational classes to the students of Kerala. The data usage from streaming videos from KITE VICTERS will not be counted for Asianet Broadband subscribers, thus removing the additional internet burden to students. KITE Victers provides academic content for classes from Pre-Primary to Class XII through Television channels and streaming platforms.... Read More

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Asianet Giga Fibernet and Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 200 Mbps Plan Is Very Similar

Asianet Giga Fibernet is a private internet service provider (ISP) that has its trenches deep in the Southern region of India. The company has highlighted on its website about the unparalleled reach that it has in Kerala. Apart from Kerala, it also provides services in Andhra Pradesh (AP), Karnataka, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. The highest speed broadband plan that it offers comes with 200 Mbps speed. When we analysed, its... Read More

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Asianet Giga Fibernet 200 Mbps Broadband Plan With Cable TV Subscription Costs Rs 999

Asianet Giga Fibernet has expanded its broadband services to various cities like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Across all the states, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing broadband plans with 200 Mbps speeds. Asianet's Giga Fibernet plans come with unlimited data benefit and a free Cable TV subscription. However, the sad part is the 200 Mbps broadband plan comes in a long-term subscription (four months),... Read More

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Asianet Smart Dongle With Android TV: Features, Specifications and Rs 2,999 Price

Asianet Satellite Communications has recently announced a smart dongle with the device running Android TV 9 Pie and supporting 1080p HD resolution video along with high dynamic range (HDR). The company engaged in digital cable TV and broadband services said on Twitter that the viewers can watch YouTube, Hotstar and Amazon Prime through the smart dongle. The remote for the smart dongle features a dedicated button for Google Assistant and... Read More

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Asianet re-introduces true, unlimited 1Mbps and 2Mbps broadband Internet plans in Kerala

Asianet Broadband, a company that provides cable broadband service in Kerala, has re-introduced its iconic, true unlimited broadband plans offering speeds of upto 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps. A long-validity plan named 'Freedom 365' is also being introduced by Asianet for its subscribers. True Unlimited Plans Asianet's True Unlimited Plan 510 offers 1Mbps unlimited broadband without any fair usage limits for Rs. 510 per month. The True Unlimited Plan 899... Read More

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Asianet upgrades (doubles) broadband speed to compete with BSNL and others in Kerala

Regional broadband and cable TV operator Asianet broadband has revised it broadband offering in the Kerala. Speeds of most plans has been doubled and also increased free data usage on certain plans. Asianet Limited broadband Plans Asianet now offer up to 100 Mbps speed on Xperss 4999 plan comapred to earlier 50 Mbps. Plans from Xpress 549 to Xpress 2499 speed has been upgraded to 50Mbps on FTTH/DOCSIS 3.0 and up to 10 Mbps... Read More

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Asianet increases unlimited broadband plans speed to 700kbps and 1Mbps

Even though government haven't taken any steps towards implementing NTP 2012 recommendation of minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbps by 2015. Asianet has taken a self initiative to increase their unlimited basic broadband plan speeds. Asianet now offer a 700 kbps for its Rs 450 unlimited plan up from 512 kbps and 1 Mbps for Rs 510 unlimited plan from earlier 700 kbps.  Post FUP speed for other unlimited plan still remains... Read More

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Asianet launches 2 new 50 Mbps Broadband Plans in Kerala

Asianet, which is one of the major providers of broadband and Digital TV services in Kerala has launched two new 50Mbps plans in Kerala. These have been named Xtream 4999 and Xtream 2499. The difference in the two is about the data on offer. Let us take a look at what each plan is offering: Xteam 4999: 350GB of data 30GB of additional data for users of Asianet digital TV... Read More

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