Asianet Partners With Aprecomm to Enhance Customer Experience

Asianet Satellite Communications Limited (ASCL) collaborates with Aprecomm to elevate customer experience through advanced technology integration, streamlining operations and improving service quality.


  • ASCL partners with Aprecomm to enhance customer experience through technology.
  • Collaboration aims to revolutionize customer interactions and service quality.
  • Aprecomm's technology reduces complaint resolution times and offers seamless support.

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Asianet Partners With Aprecomm to Enhance Customer Experience

Asianet Satellite Communications Limited (ASCL), a Multi-Service Operator (MSO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP), has announced a technological partnership with Aprecomm. This partnership with Aprecomm empowers Asianet with cutting edge consumer insight generating tools.

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Revolutionizing Customer Experience

ASCL and Aprecomm have formed a partnership that aims to revolutionize customer interactions and service quality. ASCL plans to streamline its operations and improve customer satisfaction using Aprecomm's remote monitoring stack.

The integration of Aprecomm's technology is expected to significantly reduce complaint resolution times, creating a more seamless and swift support system for ASCL's customers.

Murthy Chaganti, the Managing Director and CEO of ASCL stated, "We believe that the more we understand the needs and pain points of our customers, the better would be our ability to delight them. This association with Aprecomm and its empowering technology will further enhance our quest of superior customer experience."

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Aprecomm's Technology

Pramod Gummaraj, the CEO of Aprecomm, stated: "Excited to partner with Asianet to bring our innovative products to improve customer experience and network quality. Network Automation is absolutely crucial in facilitating the seamless transition of Internet Service Providers into the realm of Internet Experience Providers. We are delighted to be a part of this remarkable journey alongside ASCL in its customer-centric approach."

Aprecomm says its suite of End-to-End Network Experience products helps service providers with tools to optimize their operations, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Guharajan Sivakumar, Chief Technology Officer at Aprecomm, highlighted the transformative nature of this collaboration. He commented, "With the implementation of Aprecomm's cutting-edge vendor-agnostic technology, ASCL will now have the capability to efficiently manage and closely monitor CPEs via a seamlessly integrated interface. This transformative solution guarantees a superior internet experience for subscribers and an unparalleled customer visibility product to ASCL."

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The partnership between ASCL and Aprecomm highlights the changing landscape of technology integration that prioritizes customer satisfaction. The main objective is to provide smooth experiences and enhance the quality of service in all aspects.

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