Indus Towers Reaches Landmark of 200,000 Macro Towers Across India

Indus Towers celebrates a landmark feat, reaching 200,000 macro towers across India, solidifying its role in the nation's telecom industry and bolstering the 'Digital India' initiative.


  • Indus Towers reaches 200,000 macro towers milestone across 22 Indian telecom circles.
  • Vital contribution to 'Digital India' initiative and India's telecom infrastructure.
  • Active participation in 5G rollouts and network expansion, seizing growth prospects.

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Indus Towers Reaches Landmark of 200,000 Macro Towers Across India

Indus Towers has announced the achievement of a significant milestone by reaching 200,000 macro towers across all 22 telecom circles in the country. This achievement highlights the company's notable presence in the telecom industry and its integral role in supporting the Indian government's 'Digital India' initiative. As India's largest telecom tower company and one of the largest worldwide, Indus Towers continues to play a pivotal role in the nation's telecommunications industry.

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Crucial Connectivity Backbone

Indus Towers said, the extensive and robust network of towers established by Indus Towers serves as a critical backbone for ensuring seamless network connectivity provided by various telecom operators.

Innovating for Efficiency

Commenting on this landmark accomplishment, Indus Towers emphasized the company's continuous focus on innovation and the integration of eco-friendly technologies, both of which contribute to operational efficiency while aligning with India's connectivity priorities.

Indus Towers stated, "By embedding innovation and eco-friendly technologies, we drive efficiency and amplify capabilities, aligning with India's connectivity priorities. Our comprehensive tower infrastructure approach, encompassing ownership, deployment, and management, serves as a cornerstone for assisting our customers in realising their network coverage strategies."

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5G Expansion and Sustainability

"As operators accelerate their 5G rollouts and drive network expansion, Indus Towers is actively matching their pace to seize burgeoning growth opportunities and establish enduring value for the long term, with sustainability at its core."

The company's dedication to eco-friendly practices and efficient technologies not only supports its growth but also contributes positively to the environment.

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"Enabling communication for millions of people daily, Indus will continue to provide affordable, high-quality, and reliable services to meet India's growing network connectivity needs. The company has consistently introduced distinct industry-first initiatives and is taking continual steps to further strengthen its infrastructure," stated Indus Towers.

As the telecom sector evolves and adapts to new technological advancements, Indus Towers stands poised to continue playing a crucial role in shaping the industry's trajectory.

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