Some of the TelecomTalk Exclusive Analysis and Reports of 2013

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New aspirations, new achievements,new Resolutions and what not the feeling of New just arrived with New Year 2014 parting a warm sendoff to 2013 which has packed in itself a lot of Telecom. Like any other New Year Resolutions, We at Telecom Talk also have many resolutions to achieve in the coming years as the Telecom revolutionizes and so as we do.

We just started and yet to achieve much, because as I said earlier Telecom is not a one day Business. As long as man communicates, Telecom exists and it should innovate (in a good and profitable way) to sustain. As we welcome Year 2014 with many interesting stuff in Telecom pipe lined, we just wanted to quickly round up the best of 2013 on Telecom Talk.

  1. Dec, 2012 - Telecom Talk started a new initiative to let the world hear the Voice of Customer regarding various experiences and services of Telecom Operators in India. TT provides the platform for you to voice out – TelecomTalk Initiative Voice of the Customer. Started with BSNL/MTNL, received a very good and positive response from readers.
  2. Jan, 2013 - Results for Voice of Customer BSNL/MTNL - 53% of Voice of the Customer feedback says their choice of selection of BSNL/MTNL is fulfilled. After going through the entire feedback received from users we analysed that most of the users are satisfied with their selection and the no nuisance services from BSNL but user urges the improvement of customer service and quality.
  3. Jan, 2013 – Voice of the Customer – Aircel
  4. Jan, 2013 – Results for Voice of Customer, Aircel – 62% of Aircel users from feedback Requires Network Expansion also says rest is good - Customers say Aircel needs to improve it's Network coverage and they are satisfied with the rest of it's services.
  5. Jan, 2013 – Voice of the Customer – Airtel
  6. Feb, 2013 – Results for Voice of the Customer, Airtel - 58% of Airtel users Dislikes Tariff plans and Add-ons - Customer says they really like the services from Airtel but dislike its Tariff add-ons and Plans.
  7. Feb, 2013 – With lots of competition in the market, personal and work life balance, gone are the days where users go for only one number (SIM). So, we just wanted to know what exactly the requirements of users are and came up with Voice of the Customer – Dual Networks.
  8.  Feb, 2013 – Results for Voice of the Customer – Interestingly the poll results are also very positive. Voice of the Customer Feedback says 85% of users use more than one SIM.  - Its an open truth that most of the users use more than one SIM due to may reasons and the feedback we received revealed many things. Read to know more.
  9. May, 2013 - SMS Dying: TRAI, Telcos or Messaging Apps – Whom to be Blamed for?
  10. May, 2013 - Infographic: A Quick Look 40 Years of Ethernet
  11. July, 2013 – Voice of the Customer Idea Cellular
  12. July, 2013 – Reliance’s 3G Tariff Game vs Vodafone’s Be Smart 3G Initiative
  13. July, 2013 – Why RCom’s 3G Price Cut will Create Pressure on Incumbents : Our Take.
  14. July, 2013 – Slashing 2G Data is A Useless Move by Incumbent Players
  15. August, 2013 – Results for Voice of the Customer Idea Cellular - Most of the Idea Cellular users like USSD based activations and *147# Self-service facility. Users really liked the self service options from Idea Cellular as the feedback said. Read to know more.
  16. August, 2013 – Are Operators really caring for those users who frequently roam and provide quality services on roaming? This article brings light on some of the major issues faced by users on Roaming – Are Operators really providing that freedom in Roaming?
  17. August, 2013 – TATA DOCOMO, the disruptive innovator who changed the entire Telecom Scenario and the way customers are charged on per second basis failed to keep up the hype. Innovating in a very bad way and applying its bad practices on its Data customers due to lack of ports couldn't provide the cutting edge of Data services - Is Tata DoCoMo’s Disruptive innovation in Data services irking users?
  18. August, 2013 –  Data War: is CDMA Player MTS Losing the Game?
  19. August, 2013 –  TRAI Imposed Fines on 8 Mobile Operators over Poor Quality of Services, Aircel & Reliance Tops the Chart
  20. September, 2013 – An Analysis on different call management services provided by various operators - Analysis on Indian Operators Who Messed Up with Call Management Services There are many things which can be done with calls, read to know about the call management services from various operators.
  21. October, 2013 – TT Poll Vote for your Ideal Mobile OS
  22. October, 2013 – Results for Vote for your Ideal Mobile OS – Android OS wins in TT Poll Voice of Customer To enjoy the best of Mobile Network services, we need a good Mobile as well as a Good OS which powers it.No doubt, it's Android who won the TT poll.
  23. October, 2013 –  Does MTS 3GPLUS Really Have The Edge Over 3G Operators in India, Our Take !
  24. October, 2013 –  Mobile VAS Complaints Declined After Strict Norms & Measures Undertaken By TRAI.
  25. November, 2013 – TT Poll What’s your Loyalty Quotient? - The ultimate objective of any operator is to convert a 'Valued Customer' to 'Loyalist'. Lets see which Operator achieved it with this poll.
  26.  November, 2013 – Airtel and BSNL customers are more loyal to their Network: Our Analysis - It's Airtel and BSNL who won the poll in Loyalty Quotient.
  27.  November, 2013 – What’s your Mobile 2G DATA Speeds? : PAN INDIA TT survey -  With Data services being the most used services with the increasing smartphones and with a foresight that majority of revenues come from Data users lets see which Operator provides quality services through out India.We will soon embed the sheet on TT pages, so any user can directly check or update the Data speeds across various places through out India. This gives a clear picture of what exactly the quality of Data, operators are providing across various circles.
  28.  November, 2013 – After Airtel introduced myPlan what happened when we tried to opt different plans other than myPlan? - Our Experience with Airtel myPlan – Issues we faced. - Though myPlan of Airtel is a very good offering which can be customized accordingly on usage patterns, we personally feel the plan can be tweaked in a very good manner.This 5 plan offering from Airtel not only reduces the number of plans on their systems but also the assistance required from IT/CC end to provide users. It also gives a good benefit to Operators to maintain clean operations in coming days.
  29. November, 2013 –  Prepaid Plans by BSNL Karnataka: Which one should you choose?
  30. December, 2013 – Pictures speak more than words and we wanted to start something where pictures speak all the facts rather than words.In our effort to achieve the same we started something called Info graphics – Detailed Analysis on customer care IVR of Airtel (Info graphic)
  31. December, 2013 - Vodafone has launched exclusive post-pay plans for Karnataka circle to give a stiff competition for Airtel which has already started myPlan post-pay plans for individual users. I’m aware that Airtel is having 3G license in Karnataka whereas Vodafone doesn't. It’s practically impossible to compare a static plan with a dynamic plan and 3G data with 2G data. So, we have aligned all the power packs in myPlan of Airtel to give Voice benefits which is easy to compare with Vodafone Voice benefits and finally in our Analysis it is clear that Vodafone plans are better than Airtel’s myPlan. Why Vodafone’s New Postpaid plans are better than Airtel myPlan: Our Analysis
  32. December, 2013 – Detailed analysis on Customer care IVR of Vodafone (Info graphic)
  33. December, 2013 – Vote for your most Social Media Active/Helpful Operator - With social media the wide wild spreading platform, operators choose this medium to provide service and communicate with their users.But how far are they performing good? Are they just automating something on this platform? This poll gives us an idea and our coming analysis will  through some light on the activities of Telecom Brands on Social Media.
  34. December, 2013 – USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Though a small term, but can act as a very powerful weapon for Operators to provide the best experience of their services. Do believe me even the mi-nute services matter a lot in adding comfort to user's mobile experience. Vodafone India and Idea Offers Better Friendly Self Care Services than Airtel (Info graphics).
  35. December, 2013 – 4G in India: Why Jio-Bharti Telecom Infra Sharing Deal is a Logical Step?
  36. December, 2013 – A Comprehensive List of MCC and Mobile Network Code (MNC) of Reliance Jio (circle wise).
  37. December, 2013 – BSNL Continues to Report losses, What Should be Next? Our Analysis.
  38. December, 2013 - Prepaid Plans by BSNL Kerala, Aajeevan Vs. Mithram. Which one should you choose? Our Analysis

This is a quick round up . Hope there is a lot of Telecom packed in for TT readers in 2014 as well and Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014 dear Readers. Have a great Telecom stuff ahead on TT.

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