Most of the Idea Cellular users like USSD based activations and *147# Self service facility

It’s time to speak out the results of Idea Cellular – Voice of the customer poll.Thanks to all the users who have taken time to share their experiences in the feedback form along with suggestions and complaints with other readers as well.

coming to the poll statistics…

Q1. What is your connection type with Idea Cellular?

connection type with idea

As usual Prepaid wins in this section when compared to Post paid.

Q2.To Which Telecom Circle you Belong?

Which Telecom Circle

It can be noted that highest number of Idea Cellular users who participated in this poll showed up from Maharashtra followed by Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Q3.What is your Age on Network?

Age on Network

The average age on Network by all the users is approximately 3 years while the highest and lowest age on network stands 10 Years and 1 month.

Q4.What is your Base Tariff Plan?

base tariff

From the feedback it can be clearly observed that most of the users are on 1.2p/sec Tariff plan.

Q5.What is the main reason for you to opt for Idea Cellular Services ?

Users feedback reports Tariff Plans and Network as the main reasons for them to opt for Idea Cellular Services.

Q6.Is your Choice and Reason for selection of this Operator Fulfilled?

choice of selection

Q7.Average Monthly expenditure on your Number?

avg monthly expenditure

 Around 44% submissions report that their average monthly expenditure is above Rs100 and below Rs300.

Q8.What is the most you like in Idea Cellular ?

most liked in idea

Network is the most liked aspect/parameter from Idea Cellular users with 58% followed by Plans and Tariff.

Q9.What is the most you Dislike in Idea Cellular ?

most disliked in idea

While the previous Question reported the 2nd most liked parameter is Plans and Tariff, surprisingly the rest of the people who took the poll disliked the Tariff and Plans with highest percentage of 46 followed by availability of affordable Tariff add ons.

Q10.What is the most you like about Idea Cellular – 3G Services?

most liked in 3g

47% of users who took the poll reported that they liked the High speed 3G Services of Idea Cellular.

Q11.Any further improvement required on Quality of Services according to you?

  • Rural 3G Penetration
  • Provide attractive Add on options

are the most suggested and requested improvements from Idea Cellular users who gave their feedback via submission form.

Q12.Are you presently facing any Problems With Idea Cellular Services? If so what are they?

  • Yes,Improve Voice clarity
  • and majority of the customers who took the poll reported a NO for this question.

Q13.If you would like to Thank/Regret any Service from Idea Cellular, you can go ahead.

There are two comments which caught my attention and i would like to throw a light over them here-

“Solid network, tariffs can be better”  and

“Their Service Is Superb And are Lots Of Tariffs For Voice, Data And Video Calling…..Overall A Balanced Company.”

Q14.Ported from any other Network to Idea Cellular, Which Network and Why?

Majority of the user’s feedback shows that major portings are from operators like BSNL,Airtel,Tata Docomo,Reliance and Vodafone  based on requirements.

Q15.How far are you satisfied with Idea Cellular Services? 

satisafaction with idea services

Q16.Are you planning to Port to a different Network?

planning for a port?

45% of users say that they are planning to port to a different Network, while 32% of users are with a No and 23% are confused about their porting decision.

My Take: I personally also feel that the Self Care Services via *147# USSD and Service Activation’s via USSD is the most liked feature from Idea Cellular.

Dear Readers after discussing the results how did you feel about the poll and services from Idea Cellular?

Stay tuned for polls on Other Networks.

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22 Comments on "Most of the Idea Cellular users like USSD based activations and *147# Self service facility"


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May 26, 2014 2:38 pm 2:38 PM

Its internet services are just awesome with best plan & Speed.
2G = 256KBPS & 3G Upto 21.1MBPS
Out of which customers will get max speed depend on their area & superiority of network

Kapil Semwal
October 27, 2013 1:17 am 1:17 AM
Idea is not just worst with GSM network but also with Internet services as well. Executives are careless & only takes the enquiries, even if insisted for Complaint number, they deny to give. While I was giving feedback & explaining my issues, the executive sarcastically said,”sir, if you’re finished with everything, then, can I keep the phone?”. This is pathetic. I am using phones & services from 1999, never heard any executive being so rude with the customer. Uttrakhand idea services & call centres really sucks. Perhaps, I will write in my blog & on Facebook, not to use Idea… Read more »
Debabrata Dutta, Kolkata
August 3, 2013 11:11 pm 11:11 PM

In the Hooghly river side areas of Chandannagar town(Dist Hooghly, Pin-712136, west bengal, kolkata circle) idea cellular have pathetic network coverage even in the outdoor…….and in indoor , it will be a lottery ticket winning condition if you can connect a single outgoing call to other number……Kindly improve it by planting new towers…..I am waiting to taste a good !dea…… lol :P…….