Prepaid Plans by BSNL Kerala, Aajeevan Vs. Mithram. Which one should you choose? Our Analysis

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Inspired by the response to our previous post on prepaid plans by BSNL Karnataka we decided to publish more such posts comparing different prepaid plans by BSNL. This post is about Aajeevan and Mithram plans offered by BSNL Kerala. Telecomtalk helps you take a decision on which plan to choose to reap maximum benefits.

Aajeevan is a life-time validity plan (subject to cumulative top-up of Rs. 200 every 180 days) while Mithram is a regular plan which offers 180 days validity, with customers required to use plan vouchers for validity extension. Now cumulative top-up is a little different concept - you need not recharge Rs. 200 at once but the recharge value can be spread over few months to reach Rs. 200.

Mithram plan wins hands down in terms of tariff benefits. Here's why:

  1. Freebies with the plan voucher - 2400 seconds of On-Net voice call, 500 On-Net SMS (to be consumed within 30 days of activation). You can get this once in every six months (provided BSNL continues to offer the plan, and other good plans don't exist). Can't happen with Aajeevan.
  2. Lower On-Net local/STD call tariffs @ Rs. 0.011/sec against Rs. 0.012/sec in Aajeevan. Off-Net Local/STD call charges are same in Mithram and Aajeevan @ Rs. 0.013/sec
  3. Five Friends and Family numbers are allowed - On-Net @ 20 p/min, Off-Net @ 40 p/min against three in Aajeevan at same price
  4. Lower SMS charges - 60p (local On-Net) / 70p(local Off-Net, STD On-Net) / 80p (STD Off-Net) against 80 p (Local On-Net/Off-Net) and 90 p (STD On-Net/Off-Net) in Aajeevan

While getting a new SIM for Mithram can be bit expensive (Rs. 69 for 2G ,Rs. 108 for 3G) compared to Rs. 44 of Aajeevan, this is quickly offset with the freebies. Apart from a clause of the life-time validity which has become a flawed proposition as it requires recharges every few months to retain validity, Aajeevan holds little value for customers.

For quick reference of how your bill can grow with both plans refer the charts below:

In Kerala

Aajeevan Vs

In Roaming

Aajeevan Vs. Mithram (In Roaming)

Though we have provided a chart for roaming, depending on the frequency you move out of the state it would be wise to use a roam-free plan (even BSNL has one) or get a local number in that state.

When compared to plans offered in Karnataka circle, particularly Savinudi, Kerala circle's plans are expensive. Savinudi offers 70 free local/STD SMS every month. Also, full talk value is provided on recharges of Rs. 200 and multiples of Rs. 200.


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