Voice of the Customer Feedback says 85% of users use more than one SIM

By February 17th, 2013 AT 10:32 AM

Remember our initiative on Voice of the Customer – Dual Networks ? Now its time for me to announce the results based on the customer feedback we received from readers.

Q1. Do you use more than one SIM?

The result is almost as expected,85% of users report that they Do use more than one SIM and only 15% use just one SIM.

Q2.To which Telecom Circle you belong?

Feedback from users using only one SIM.

Q3. Who is your primary operator ? (Responses from those using only one SIM)

BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone IN and  Tata Docomo stand as majority operators among those who use just a single SIM.

Q4.What is your reason for selecting the above selected Operator as Primary? (Responses from those using only one SIM)

  1. Network
  2. Affordable Tariff
  3. Business use

Network is the only mantra for any Operator to become the primary operator of any customer. From the feedback of customers it can be clearly understood that every one gives first preference to Network and Quality.

Feedback from users using more than one SIM

Q5.How many Number of SIM cards do you use?

Q6.Who is your Primary Network Operator?


Airtel wins as Primary operator followed by BSNL and Vodafone IN.

Q7.What is your reason for selecting the above selected Operator as Primary?

  1. Network
  2. Tariff
  3. Work Number

Q8.Who is your Secondary Network Operator?

Tata Docomo wins as secondary operator followed by BSNL and Airtel.

Q9.What is your reason for selecting the above selected Operator as Secondary?

  1. Cheap Tariff
  2. Personal use
  3. Availability of various STVs for different uses

Q10.Who is the other Network Operator incase if you are using?

Dear readers how did you feel about the results? Do let me know your opinions via comments.

PS: The poll is always open for you to take part and give your voice.

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