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Management who are playing with a Brand may change,people who are operating a brand may get replaced.Policies,Tariffs and what not everything inside a brand may change and who knows even the Brand may dissolve, only a few knows whats actually going to happen inside a Brand(Oh dear here i'm talking only about Telecom) but there are someone who without involving in any of the above categories will always be with that Brand and we fans will always have that loyalty to some particular brands which we use in our daily life.   voice-of-customers

Telecom Brands are those where each and every mobile phone user will/should come across them in their daily life.We all have that One Operator Brand,irrespective of Network,Plans,Tariffs and what so ever reason it is will stick to that operator.Now with MNP facility we even have an option to shift to other operator as well without even changing the number but we still retain that number with that particular operator taking a new number from different operator for different purpose we like again and all this just lies in the Loyalty we have in that brand.

What i feel is Operators should develop that soft corner among their subscribers,so that based on prevailing market conditions what ever decisions management take they can be sure about their Loyal users and can withstand the market to achieve their Operational excellence.

Let me give a personal example: Last year on my B'day i received a sms from Uninor saying -Uninor wishes a very Happy B'day,enjoy your day with 25 free sms and 25 free local min till midnight. It's not a big deal to me as well but that touch i got on that day with that simple sms made me develop a special bond with that brand and i felt the care they have taken for their users personally.

Let me give a more general example: Last time with just a simple tweet (i didn't even include a mention to that brand as well) that i'm facing a problem with their Network,the team some how managed to get my number and called me to solve my issue and that personal touch again was more awesome and that Brand is Airtel via Airtel_Presence team.

In a similar way i'm having a good number of experiences and i'm sure each one of us will also have such experiences at least once a time.So, here is a chance for all the readers to voice out their Loyalty to their preferred Networks and the reason behind that.

Thought Brand Loyalty differs based on many parameters like Network,Customer Care, age on Network,Service and many Personalized services available to user i wanted to hear what according to TT readers they voice out their Loyalty to this Telecom World.

So, go ahead and voice out your Loyalty Quotient ;)
This time i'll be giving out the names of the users and commendation on TT Pages as well based on the best answers received from readers about their Loyalty in Poll Results.

Seasons Greetings and Happy Diwali Readers :)

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