Whats your Mobile 2G DATA speeds? : PAN India TT Survey

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Its no more only voice era, though the transformation is still in progress both voice and Data are equally important for a smart phone user. In fact a smartphone is not really smart without an internet connection and hence we value the word DATA.

Coming to a real life scenario relying on DATA connection is increasing more and hence our expectations for Data from an operator also increases.But the service quality practically depends on a lot of scenarios,theoretically and technically there may be certain speed values for the technologies and any operator should strive to provide the best practically possible value.


As the hunger for data never stops,operators should take steps so that the service quality is not effected.Consider TATA Docomo Internet (for mobile users) which gives the best possible speeds at all times in a day but looses all its goodness with it's known issue as i discussed in my previous article.

When data speeds are less we can't immediately come to a conclusion that the entire Network at all places is having only those speeds and blame the operator.

  1. Data speeds might be miserably low at a particular place at all times of the day - might be some issue with BTS of that area where you are connected.The servicemen of that BTS should take care of this issue and try to resolve it asap.Operators really don't cap the speeds only at some particular BTS and hence that is not a reason for low speeds.
  2. You get less speeds when your operator is capping speeds or defining speed limits from their end in a particular service area(circle).So where ever you move in that circle you get the same speeds approximately.
  3. More over data speeds really depend on real life scenarios like signal strength you are connected,Obstacles you are facing to get connected to a Network, time of the day and how many users are connected to a particular BTS are active on DATA .All these factors together constitute for a good data connection.
  4. Some times even if we are connected to a Data connection having full signal strength we can't be able to browse anything.There are two scenarios again for this 1.Both up-link and Down-link process show they are working fine but we really don't receive any response from Network 2.Either up-link or down-link stops responding all of a sudden and we can't send or receive data communication with our Network.
  5. And lastly there might be some applications in our smartphones running in the background and consuming some portion of data connection on a continuous basis.

You can say i just made a speed test and my operator is providing me with good speeds,.Yes, i agree it is good.But how good it is? Is it continuous ? Bookmark this section for an analysis article on the same some time later.

So,to avoid all the confusions arising which operator is really giving good data speeds and in which locations, i came up with this form to let INDIA know by themselves and select their DATA operator looking at the results of this form as i'm not going to publish a story of the results and will directly be embedding the results sheet in a separate tab of TT site along with the feedback form (if possible) soon.

As of now only 2G feedback is being taken and i'll come up with  3G/4G  in a separate post. You may ask when world is on 4G why are you taking 2G feedback? Though there are many technical reasons my answer is very simple - Operators are still providing and will continue to provide till sometime. 

Nothing beats crowd-sourcing and public voice - so,we expect genuine feedback from all our readers across all the circles.Please note KB/s is different from kbps. In case if you know only kbps speed divide it by 8 and fill the feedback form in KB/s. example:your speed is 256kbps =256/8=32KB/s.  
Help us to Help you. So,every reader reading this article please take some time and fill in this form,share across social Networks and get your family or friends also fill the feedback sheet.

Do share your data experiences in comments as well.

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