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We at Telecom Talk always strive to bring out the best and most of Telecom in India. In our endeavor for the same we have come up with an innovative campaign called "Voice of the Customer”.


First, let me elucidate the answer for the question Why?

Telecom is not just a one day business or even a single day Customer requirement, it is a continuous pipelined process and Business Model comprising of many verticals and horizontal together which makes it complete.

So, if one vertical or horizontal department is functioning well it doesn't make sense .

There will be many departments functioning in the background of a Telecom Brand be it Network, IT,Service, Customer Support, Publicity, Business teams and finally many circle performance leads, Mobility Head and higher officials who look after all the verticals and ensure their smooth functioning.

If one department is functioning extraordinarily and the other is performing average the entire blame goes to the Brand experience on any particular Network in the form of customer base or on the final revenue generated. Thus, it is very essential for any Telecom Operator to ensure all round performance.

Let us for example imagine a situation where a Network Operator with Poor Network Coverage charging consumers competitively with a Network Operator of Strong Coverage or a Network Operator of strong coverage charging very less than a lower grade Operator. Both the aspects are wrong in their way. It is the responsibility of higher officials in any Dept to take feedback from individual departments and design the Tariff Plans and implement Business Models to meet the needs of the consumers as well as satisfying Business demands.

What if the Business Model team is providing attractive tariff plans which are the best in the industry while Network department is showing poor performance in providing coverage? May be at one point of time the graphical representation of customer additions may hit records but slowly after some time it will undoubtedly fall down and hit records from the other end too. Now who should be blamed between the Business model team for providing cheap tariffs to attract customers and there by resulting less revenues or the Network team for poor coverage which in turn leads to loss of customers?

Yes, People will always welcome and encourage new Operators in the market, better not to compare the Network Coverage of  new players with that of deep rooted players in the market.These new operators have very less time to prove themselves before the user gets vexed and thanks to the MNP facility now they can port to a different Network too which stands as a stiff threat and competition between Network Players.

When every Network Operator boasts as No 1, who is really No 1?So in my opinion  "Customers along with their experiences and feedback will only decide and appreciate the real efforts of any service provider in the form of customer base and revenues.There are also chances with some players where customers are themselves forced to stay on any Network only because of Coverage and nothing more.

So, coming to the final scenario and to conclude off - whatever the operators do within their internal resources and limitations, the Customer satisfaction will finally depict their output performance of all their departments together because we are the end users finally paying for the services where considerable amount of satisfaction is must as complete satisfaction can’t be achieved or even expected.

So, we have come come up with - Voice of the customer, an initiative which can be used by

1.Customers to choose their Network Operator depending upon the shared experiences or any problems in any particular area as reported by fellow users.

2.Network Operators to take note on the feedback of their services and act accordingly if they like from their valuable users.

Thus bringing awareness on a Network to its users and non users so that you will be the decision maker finally in deciding which is the best irrespective of TRAI results or any non consumer based rating procedures. This also helps Us, Readers as well as the Network Operators to know the Voice of Customers on a Network.

We hope the operators will also take a chance to have an eye on the experiences of the users being updated on TT pages and do the required.

Starting with the State Owned Enterprise BSNL and MTNL.

We will be linking/embedding you feedback forms of all the operators one by one (Starting with BSNL/MTNL) with individual questions as per Operator’s services and Live feedback/Results of  Customers will be continuously updated on TT pages in a separate section.

I request all the Readers to fill the feedback forms of their respective Operators and also encourage your family and friends too to fill it up so that every voice can be noted into the document and we take the pleasure of not missing anything.

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