Vodafone India and Idea Offers Better Friendly Self Care Services Than Airtel (Infographics)

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After analyzing IVR services of some leading operators(Airtel, Vodafone), we decided to decode the entire Prepaid self-care services of 3 leading operators Airtel(*121#),Vodafone(*111#) and Idea(*147#). After 52 pain taking hours we came up with this info graphic showing and comparing the entire prepaid self-care services via USSD of these 3 Operators. The main purpose of this info graphic was to show which operator provides all the required info at fingertips with just one self care number and better self-care services to it's customers.

From my experiences, i found self care service works flawlessly even on roaming for a customer to get information whenever and wherever required and operators should try to improve it to the maximum possible extent.

Are these Self care (USSD) services of Operators satisfying those requirements in providing all the required information with just a single number and hassle free process ? Let us check from the info graphic - Picture speaks more than words and the info graphic says it all.


Our Findings:

The Double digit navigation of Airtel seems painful while navigating to Back and Main menus. While Airtel self care service  is lacking the Tariff Plan details Vodafone and Idea have them. Airtel is good in providing separate Last transaction details for Voice/sms/Data/VAS .Vodafone is providing Tariff plan details within the USSD only which Airtel is lacking and idea failed to provide with an error saying "We are unable to process the request right now".

Airtel and Vodafone provided activation of  bonus packs where as idea is missing it in some cases. Airtel and Vodafone are providing Balance Transfer services where as idea is missing it. When observed Idea is having good number of USSD services which are essential for any customer like DND, Roaming, Tariff details, all the RC details ranging from 10-10,000. The VAS services which Idea included are essential services where as Vodafone included only a few while Airtel has a huge list of VAS services. Airtel and Idea have also an option to get internet settings while Vodafone India is missing it.

Comparing Airtel, Vodafone and Idea USSD self care services Vodafone and Idea both are competing each other and  we can say Vodafone and Idea are providing better self care services.

*Some options/Services may differ from circle to circle and from customer to customer.I have taken every care to prevent any mistakes and this info graphic is just a reference/comparison chart to check which operator is providing the best self care services according to the present information.The offers shown in the image and the USSD options may change from time to time and are operator dependent. Hope it helps.

Dear readers, Have you used USSD self care services of your operator?Do you think other operators are providing best self care services compared to your operator? What in overall do you conclude about these services and do you have any suggestions for operators? Do let everyone know via comments. 

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