Vodafone India Issues Warning, Beware of “Missed” ISD Calls

Vodafone India Issues Warning, Beware of Missed ISD CallsVodafone Essar today said that if any customer have been receiving missed calls from international numbers, like +22455xxxxx than think twice before calling back.

Vodafone India has been witnessing cases wherein people get missed calls from international numbers like +22455XXXXX and when the user calls back they are charged a huge sum like Rs.45 per minute for the call.

The Operator said its customers in Uttar Pradesh (East and West) circle were getting such calls yesterday and today people in Tamil Nadu and Chennai circles are receiving these unsolicited calls on their Vodafone numbers.

This is not the first time even Airtel has also issued an advisory to its customers couple of years back which stated “avoid responding to suspicious missed calls from unknown numbers, especially those beginning with +92”.

Vodafone also said in a statement “We would like to inform all our customers in Tamil Nadu that this issue has been brought to our notice and we are currently investigating the same,” .

The company has also asked its over 140 million subscribers in India to ignore such Incoming ISD calls.

“We want to assure our customers that security is our highest priority. Vodafone takes the safety and security very seriously and we have invested considerable resources to continually evolve our system and improve security”.

Now we ask you have ever been a victim of this do share your views via comments.

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January 29, 2018 5:03 pm 5:03 PM

One girl called me and said your mobile number got a free gift worth 9000 and you have to pay 3000 to postal department to get these gift.
But i could clearly identified she is a fraud.So i said i will compliant the police regarding this, She suddenly disconnected my call.

if you get the call in same number, nalla kaluvi uthunga:):)


December 1, 2016 4:52 pm 4:52 PM

I have received Multiple calls from +7484998388 No…in last two days…Can anyone let me know if any one has received calls from this No ? and if it is fraud call ?

December 1, 2016 7:38 pm 7:38 PM

+7484998388. Got call it’s fully fraud
Don’t entertained them if possible abuse or start with bad word

It’s Vodafone company plan they support then even lots of compliments mentioned still Vodafone promoting their connection for high pay revenue in ISD charge

Manavi Singh
October 14, 2016 2:01 am 2:01 AM

I m also getting many calls from international numbers…many times a day…i am really frustated..Some calls from kerla are also coming..