Comviva Conferred With Golden Peacock Innovation Award For Virtual Sim

(Middle) Stefano Marchetto, AVP, SE Asia at Comviva receiving the Award in London.

(Middle) Stefano Marchetto, AVP, SE Asia at Comviva receiving the Award in London.

Comviva, today announced that it has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Innovation Award for its Virtual SIM solution.

Comviva’s Virtual SIM helps operators dramatically transform the economics of individual telephony access and gain rapid entry into the vast and under-penetrated BOP (base of pyramid) consumer segment. The solution, when deployed by a mobile operator, enables people unable to afford a handset to make and receive calls, send and receive SMSs and make remittances, virtually, using other people’s phones. Virtual SIM requires no special handsets, SIM cards or additional client software – it works instantly on all mobile handsets.

Elaborating on the concept, Mr. Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva said, “Virtual SIM represents a major milestone in our mission to deliver innovative solutions to service providers in emerging markets, allowing them to extend mobile communications services to new consumer segments. Having successfully launched Virtual SIM in Africa, I am confident that Virtual SIM will dramatically increase the affordability of a mobile connection for the economically underprivileged in the world’s emerging markets, including India. Virtual SIM is an ideal solution to connect the unconnected 2.7 billion people, who already live in areas covered by mobile networks, but who are not yet mobile subscribers.”

“The award is testament to our pioneering spirit. We constantly strive to innovate in the solutions we deliver and the business models we develop. The fact that we have received recognition with the highly prestigious Golden Peacock Innovation Award is a matter of great pride for us”, added Mr. Mohapatra.

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November 4, 2009 12:21 am 12:21 AM
basic difference between ITC and this is that while ITC is a “calling card”, this is a sim card..wherein u can recieved calls, sms, hellotune…everything. This is like sim card without a dedicated handset. Once you get yourself a virtual sim and fill in the details into any handset that you choose…that handset will work as your handset as well the its current owners’…very useful for villages wherein there might be limited phones…or parents not wanting to give a dedicated handset to children..or people wanting to keep different numbers (1 for offic and 1 for home) but not carry two… Read more »
November 3, 2009 2:38 pm 2:38 PM


I think it is similar to ITC card of BSNL

November 3, 2009 1:35 pm 1:35 PM

if anyone knows plz make a reply…………