Reliance Jio Prepaid Subscribers Have Five Attractive Options for Max Data and Savings

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When it comes to getting the most data for fewer bucks, Reliance Jio is the telecom operator which comes to the mind of people. However, even with Reliance Jio, there are some plans in the prepaid portfolio which offer more data than the others. Things were a little simple a few weeks ago with Reliance Jio, as people were finally starting to make sense of the elaborate Reliance Jio prepaid portfolio and were also getting to know their best suited prepaid plans. But, the introduction of the new IUC charge which is necessary if you want to make outgoing calls to other operators, along with with the introduction of the all-in-one plans from Reliance Jio has further complicated things for the subscribers. Now, the obvious question with the subscribers is which plan

they should get if they only want data, only outgoing minutes or both. Well, the answer lies in the five plans, we have listed below. So, make sure you have a thorough read about these plans so that you can check out the best one for yourself.

Rs 444 All-In-One Prepaid Plan by Reliance Jio

The Rs 444 prepaid plan by Reliance Jio is one of the newest offerings in the market which was launched after the introduction of the new IUC recharges. The Rs 444 prepaid plan by the telecom operator is one of the most persuasive prepaid plans, and it is quite possible that after the reading benefits you might finalise this plan for yourself. The plan offers 84 days of validity, and 168GB of total data benefit translating to 2GB data per day along with unlimited calls to Reliance Jio network with 1,000 IUC minutes or calls to other networks and along with this subscribers get 100 SMS per day. The subscribers will also be able to get a PayTm discount of Rs 44 on this plan for a while.

Rs 399 Prepaid Plan by Reliance Jio

This prepaid plan would be ideal for

the Reliance Jio subscribers who would be fine with a little less data of 1.5GB per day. Along with this, the subscribers would get unlimited calls to Reliance Jio network, but no bundled calls to other networks. The subscribers also get 100 SMS per day, and the validity of this prepaid plan is also 84 days. However, the subscribers will have to get the IUC talk time vouchers with this plan which is available with a starting price of Rs 10.

Rs 1,699 Prepaid Plan by Reliance Jio

Now, for the subscribers who would not like to be bothered by recharging their number again and again throughout the year and be done with the annoying recharge reminder SMS, then the Rs 1,699 prepaid plan would be the appropriate choice. The Rs 1,699 prepaid plan comes with 365 days validity, and it bundles 1.5GB data per day along with unlimited calls to Reliance Jio network, but no calls to other networks. There is also the added benefit of 100 SMS per day.

Rs 299 Prepaid Plan by Reliance Jio

The Rs 299 prepaid plan is a little different kind of offering, and for those looking to get more daily data to watch movies or TV series, this plan would be the ideal one. The Rs 299 prepaid plan offers 3GB data per day, and it comes with 28 days validity. This plan also offers 100 SMS per day and unlimited calls to Reliance Jio network.

Rs 498 Prepaid Plan by Reliance Jio

The Rs 498 prepaid plan is for someone looking for not extremely long-term offerings, let’s say for a year, but trying to find a sweet spot in between. The plan comes with 91 days of validity, and it offers 2GB data per day. The plan also offers 100 SMS per day and unlimited calls to Reliance Jio network, but for the calls to other networks, the subscribers will have to top up their number with the IUC talk time vouchers.

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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