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GetAttachmentName : Altaf Malik
Currently using : Tata Docomo
Location : Mumbai

Altaf Malik opted Tata DoCoMo for the sake of 1 sec pluse. Altaf is satisfied with the service being provided to him by Tata Docomo but what frustrates him the most is the network problem at his residence in Mumbai and as well as in Kalyan (W).

Initially a user of Reliance GSM, he has shifted to DoCoMo because of the per second pulse and thought that since it is from the house of TATA the service would be free from problems just as TATA CDMA is, where network is not an issue.

But Altaf quotes the network problem is bugging him and also add the network sometimes drops to just 1 bar and then again to 3 bars signal strength. Network is not at all stable so just in case some person from DOCOMO is reading this, please take a note of it .

Positives: per second pulse, promotional SMS offer, free MCA

Negatives : Network coverage is not proper, customer care executive are so busy even after waiting in queue for more than 16 minutes the call at Customer Care is not answered.

Network:  Average

Overall and rating out of 5: overall service is average and rating 2.5 out of 5

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