Chrome for Android now lets you save data and view Webpages, Videos offline

In the wake of its 18th birthday, Google has announced new features for Google Chrome for Android. The new features, targeted at Indian users, bring a few significant improvements over its data-saving capabilities.


Primarily, Google Chrome for Android now enables users to save music, videos, and webpages for offline viewing. It also optimizes websites and pages to adjust to the low internet connectivity. It now supports MP4 videos and this will allow the users to save up to 67% of their mobile data, according to Google.

The videos, music, and web pages can be saved using an updated download button. The saved filed will be available under the Downloads of Chrome to access them later. In the case of unstable internet connectivity, Google will pause downloads and resume them when the connectivity is stable. While doing the compression, Google claimed that “the page will still look like the uncompressed version”. “Chrome will optimize websites down to their essentials. Pages will load up to 2x times faster and 90% data will be saved with the feature,” commented Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President – Product Management, Google Chrome division at the launch event in Delhi.

Another new addition Google has made in its Chrome for Android is the machine learning capability. “As you browse, it will personalize the content suggestions, and make them personalized just for you. You’ll be able to scroll up and find fresh content to sports, entertainment, and news, even if you’re offline,” Chowdhury said during the event.

The feature is currently live on Chrome beta version starting today. It will soon be rolled out to users worldwide in the upcoming months. Google Chrome is said to have one billion monthly active users on mobile phones alone.

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September 28, 2016 2:03 am 2:03 AM

You covered Chrome, but Firefox 49 for Android released a few days ago with very similar features. Please report that too.