Chrome for Android enhances data saver mode, touted to save up to 70 percent data

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A good news for the Android users who don’t like blowing their mobile data on loading unnecessary heavy size images. Google has updated its Chrome for Android, and it brings along an enhanced data saver mode, which is aimed at decreasing data consumption whenever the user visits a web page. The browser is now touted to save up to 70 percent of data.

Chrome for Android data saver

As soon as the user enables the “Data Saver” mode, Chrome detects it automatically and starts loading websites without images, so that data does not get wasted. Also, whenever the user is on a slow internet connection, the browser will detect it and show a pop-up message so that the user can shift to the data saver mode. It also gives the user to load selective images as per his/her requirement. This update will surely make it easier for the users to browse fast even on slow internet connections.

Google also revealed that the “Data Saver” feature is first launched for India and Indonesia, and will be rolled out to other regions in the coming months. To enable the function on your Chrome for Android, simply head to Chrome settings, then tap on the Data Saver option, and enable it.

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