BSNL Announces Upgraded MyBSNL Mobile App

BSNL fiber broadband partners celebrate victory in a championship program and announce the upgraded MyBSNL mobile app, offering enhanced features for users.


  • BSNL announces the upgraded version of the MyBSNL mobile app.
  • The app aims to provide zero-touch service delivery for customers.
  • Features include interactive dashboards, easy recharge and bill payment, and account management.

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BSNL Announces Upgraded MyBSNL Mobile App

Shimla recently witnessed a joyous celebration as BSNL fiber broadband partners came together to commemorate their victory in the championship program organized by BSNL. The event became even more special with BSNL's announcement of new and improved services.

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One of the highlights of the occasion was the unveiling of the upgraded version of the MyBSNL mobile app. Recognizing the growing importance of mobile apps in customer communication, BSNL aims to transform this platform into a seamless channel for zero-touch service delivery.

According to Shri Vivek Banzal, Director (Consumer Fixed Access) at BSNL Board, "The mobile app is going to be the main channel of customer communication, and we are evolving this platform to enable zero-touch service delivery for our customers."

The MyBSNL mobile app has undergone significant enhancements to provide BSNL users with ultimate control and convenience. With just a click of a finger, users can now easily manage all their BSNL mobile services. Here are some of the power-packed features offered by the app's new and improved user interface:

  1. Interactive Dashboards: The app provides users with comprehensive usage statistics through interactive dashboards, giving them a clear understanding of their service usage.
  2. One-Touch Recharge and Top-Up: Prepaid mobile users can now recharge and top-up their accounts with just one touch. The app also recommends the best plans based on individual preferences and usage patterns.
  3. Easy Postpaid Bill Payment: Users can conveniently access information regarding their total bill, unbilled amount, and outstanding balance. This simplifies the process of postpaid bill payments.
  4. Account Management: The MyBSNL app allows users to add BSNL numbers of their friends and family to their accounts, enabling them to manage transactions and services for multiple connections from a single platform.
  5. Plan Expiry Alerts: The app sends timely alerts to users regarding the expiry of their active plans or packs, ensuring that they stay informed and make necessary arrangements for continued service.

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With the upgraded MyBSNL mobile app, BSNL users now have complete control and flexibility over their BSNL mobile services, empowering them to manage their accounts, track usage, and conveniently recharge or pay bills.

The celebration in Shimla marked not only the victory of BSNL fiber broadband partners but also showcased BSNL's commitment to improving customer experience through innovative solutions.

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The upgraded MyBSNL mobile app is set to revolutionize customer communication and service delivery, providing users with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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