Apple Launches Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad as Subscriptions

Apple has unveiled Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, offering video and music creators new ways to enhance their workflows. Pro apps introduce powerful features designed for iPad to deliver the ultimate mobile studio for video and music creators. The apps feature touch interfaces, intuitive tools, and support for Apple Pencil, providing users with immediate and intuitive control.


  • Apple unveils Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, offering new creative possibilities for video and music creators.
  • Final Cut Pro enables recording, editing, finishing, and sharing of videos on one portable device.
  • Logic Pro provides professional music creation tools for songwriting, beat making, recording, editing, and mixing.

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Apple Launches Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad as Subscriptions

Apple has introduced Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, revolutionizing the way video and music creators can unleash their creativity. These apps bring all-new touch interfaces to the iPad, offering users enhanced workflows with the immediacy and intuitiveness of Multi-Touch gestures.

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Final Cut Pro for iPad

Final Cut Pro for iPad presents a powerful suite of tools designed specifically for video creators. From recording and editing to finishing and sharing, users can now accomplish all of these tasks seamlessly from a single portable device.

With the new touch interface, navigating the Magnetic Timeline and making frame-accurate edits becomes a breeze with the tap of a finger. The addition of a jog wheel further streamlines the editing process and introduces innovative ways to interact with content.

Moreover, the app offers Live Drawing capabilities, allowing users to draw and write directly on top of video content using the Apple Pencil. iPad Pro users with the M2 chip can even preview footage by hovering the Apple Pencil, without needing to touch the screen.

To expedite workflows, creators can utilize the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio to incorporate key commands. The stunning HDR video viewing and editing capabilities, coupled with the precision of color grading using Reference Mode, are further enhanced by the Liquid Retina XDR display available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro for iPad combines the power of Logic Pro with the portability of the iPad, delivering an all-in-one professional music creation app. Multi-Touch gestures enable music creators to play software instruments and interact naturally with controls.

The built-in microphones on the iPad enable users to capture voice and instrument recordings, while the iPad Pro's five studio-quality microphones transform any space into a recording studio.

The integration of Apple Pencil enables precision edits and detailed track automation. Connecting a Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard further accelerates the production process through key commands.

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Import and export functionalities

Notably, both apps offer import and export functionalities that enhance collaboration and flexibility. Final Cut Pro for iPad supports importing supported media from Files or Photos directly into a project and can also import projects created in iMovie for iOS.

Users can effortlessly export Final Cut Pro projects to a Mac for further editing. Logic Pro for iPad supports roundtrip capabilities, enabling seamless project transfer between Logic Pro for Mac and iPad. Additionally, users can export their finished songs in various audio formats, including compressed and lossless options, as well as individual audio track stems.

Furthermore, Logic Pro for iPad is compatible with GarageBand for iOS, allowing users to elevate their music projects with professional features and workflows.

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Subscription Charges

Starting from Tuesday, May 23, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will be available on the App Store as subscriptions. The pricing for both apps is set at INR 499 per month or INR 4,999 per year, with a one-month free trial.

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Final Cut Pro is compatible with iPad models featuring the M1 chip or later, while Logic Pro is available on iPad models equipped with the A12 Bionic chip or later. To enjoy the full functionalities of Final Cut Pro for iPad and Logic Pro for iPad, users are required to have iPadOS 16.4 installed.

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