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Excitel Announces New 400 Mbps Broadband Plan for this New City

Excitel, a fast-growing internet service provider (ISP), has arrived in Mumbai with its fiber broadband services. The company will be offering an all-new 400 Mbps broadband plan in the city along with the existing 200 Mbps and 300 Mbps high-speed plans. There will be no 100 Mbps plan offered to the users in Mumbai. To compete with other brands, Excitel will be offering its 200 Mbps plan in Mumbai at... Read More

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Excitel, Airtel, Jio, ACT and BSNL: 100 Mbps Broadband Plans That Are Moderately Priced

One of the most common broadband plans offered by numerous service providers in India is the 100 Mbps plan. The 100 Mbps plans not only provide high-speed internet connectivity but are also available at reasonable price tags. Whether it is for online learning or work or gaming or entertainment, 100 Mbps plans to suit all your needs. Mentioned below are the 100 Mbps plans offered by Excitel, Airtel, Jio, ACT... Read More

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Tata Play and Spectra Actually Offer a Cheaper 500 Mbps Broadband Plan Than Jio

High-Speed connectivity is now necessary for a lot of things in the ever-transforming world whether it is work, learning, gaming, streaming or leisure. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of high-speed plans for their subscribers. In fact, while Jio offers a very attractive 500 Mbps plan, Tata Play and Spectra provide a plan of their own that is actually cheaper than the plan offered by the former. However, the... Read More

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Netplus 200 Mbps Plan Costs Same as 150 Mbps Plan From Jio and BSNL

Two of the most prominent internet service providers in the country – BSNL and Jio offer a 150 Mbps plan at a similar price tag as well as with added benefits. While these are the ISPs that dominate the market, a relatively lesser-known company Netplus also offers equivalent broadband services in select states of India. In fact, the 200 Mbps plan from the company has the same price tag as... Read More

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Broadband Plans That Are Lesser-Known But Offer Great Value

While the broadband market is majorly dominated by some of the prominent players such as Jio and Airtel, there are a number of other internet service providers (ISPs) that offer amazing value packs. Most of these ISPs provide their services in select cities of India but offer good connectivity speed and efficient services. Mentioned below are select broadband plans from lesser-known ISPs that offer great value for the users. ACT... Read More

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JioFiber Base Broadband Plan Becomes a Good Deal With Entertainment Plan Extension

JioFiber recently introduced two new extension entertainment options to the base broadband plans. These extensions, aka Entertainment plans, are only available for people who are subscribed to the postpaid JioFiber service. Because of these extensions, now users can get OTT (over-the-top) subscriptions with entry-level broadband plans. This is not something that users will get from the other internet service providers (ISPs). Why Entertainment Plans With JioFiber Are a Good Thing... Read More

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Excitel’s 200 Mbps Broadband Plan is Quite Cheaper Than What Airtel and BSNL Offer

There are a number of internet service providers (ISPs) in the country which may offer the same broadband plan with different benefits, putting the users in the dilemma of choosing. While popular service providers Airtel offer broadband plans with added benefits of OTT and more, some of the lesser-known ISPs like Excitel actually offer comparatively cheaper broadband plans. In this article, we are going to take a look at the... Read More

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Alliance Broadband Has a Ton of OTT Plans, Here Are a Few Good Ones

While popular service providers like Jio and BSNL offer broadband plans with added benefits of OTT and more, some of the lesser-known ISPs such as Alliance Broadband offer plans that are not so different. Alliance Broadband bundles OTT subscriptions with its packs as well completely free of cost. While there are multiple plans offered by the ISP with OTT access, mentioned below are a select few broadband plans from Alliance... Read More

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Low-Cost Broadband Plans That Offer Moderate Speed and Plenty Data

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country not only high-speed high-end broadband plans but also offer affordable plans for their users which also provides good connectivity speed. These plans are suitable for first time users, students, individuals or anyone who wants to go for a budget option. Mentioned below are the low-cost broadband plans offered by multiple ISPs in India with moderate connectivity speed and plenty of data. Basic Pack... Read More

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Netgear Announces New RAX10 4-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router

Netgear, a global networking company service to both consumers and businesses, has launched a new Wi-Fi router called ‘RAX10’ 4-Stream. If you have been facing issues with getting seamless high-speed internet directly on your device, it is because of multiple reasons. Thus, simply upgrading your broadband plan won’t do the trick. You also need to get a high-capacity Wi-Fi router that can deliver that high-speed data to your device. The... Read More

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300 Mbps Broadband Plans That Are a Must for Seamless Gaming and Streaming Experience

If you are a gamer or streamer or want to pursue the path, high-speed connectivity is a must-have. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country offer a variety of plans for you to choose from. Although you can get plans up to 1 Gbps which are quite expensive, 300 Mbps plans offered by the operators not only provide ample speed but are also comparatively reasonable. Mentioned below are the... Read More

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Tata Play 500 Mbps Broadband Plan is Cheaper Than Jio But Has Less Benefits

Tata Play as well as Jio offer a high-speed 500 Mbps broadband plan for their subscribers. High-Speed connectivity is now necessary for a lot of things in the ever-transforming world whether it is work, learning, gaming, streaming or leisure. While at the first glance the plan offered by Tata Play seems better as it is slightly cheaper, Jio might be a better option because of the benefits that are bundled... Read More

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