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BSNL Offers Free Amazon Fire TV Stick With Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans Above Rs 999

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the government-owned telecom service provider, has launched a New Year Offer 2022 for its Bharat Fibre (FTTH), Air Fibre, and DSL Broadband subscribers across India. Subscribers of BSNL may now purchase an Amazon Fire TV stick with plans beginning at Rs 999. From January 1, 2022, the plan is offered across all telecom circles. Subscribers ready to apply for the Annual Advance Payment Scheme via... Read More

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Jio vs Airtel vs BSNL – Rs 999 Broadband Plans

For the last couple of years, the internet has become a dire need for everyone whether it is for working from home, online learning, streaming or anything else. The demand for broadband connections has gone significantly up and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for sure have capitalized on that. People need a consistent internet connection that can work seamlessly across multiple devices and the ISPs of the country have been... Read More

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Tata Sky Broadband ‘Try and Buy’ for 200 Mbps Plan Similar to Jio’s Strategy

Tata Sky Broadband, a leading internet service provider (ISP), is now providing users with a ‘Try and Buy’ offer wherein users can first try the services of the company and then choose whether they want to buy services from it or not. This way, consumers don’t have to worry about losing their hard-earned money to a company they don’t fully trust yet. Tata Sky Broadband is not the only company... Read More

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Excitel to Give One Day of Free Internet With New SLA to Customers

Excitel, one of the fastest-growing internet service providers (ISPs) in the country has just announced that it has updated its service level agreement (SLA) for strengthening the after-sales and customer service commitment. With the new update to its SLA, Excitel will give one day of free internet to customers if their connectivity or outage issues are not resolved for four or more hours. This announcement is in line with the... Read More

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NETGEAR Launches Nighthawk RAXE300 Tri-Band Router With Two Streams of 6 GHz Network

The leading provider of award-winning connected products designed to simplify and improve people's lives, NETGEAR has just announced a new router that will be joining the company’s award-winning Wi-Fi 6E lineup. The newly launched router is the Nighthawk RAXE300 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E Router that is capable of providing speeds up to 7.8 Gbps and has been built on the bequest of a 2021 CES Innovation Award honoree, Nighthawk RAXE500. The... Read More

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1 Gbps Broadband Plans with OTT Benefits from Jio, ACT and Airtel

The growing market of broadbands in the country has become an undeniable need of the hour ever since the pandemic has arrived. Whether users use it for streaming, work-from-home or even small businesses, the reliability of seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across multiple devices has increased significantly. Broadband connections are also very important for offices that require multiple users to connect at once. Such scenarios require very high-speed internet in order to... Read More

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Top Reasons to Have a High Speed Internet at Your Place

Internet is an indispensable element in today’s world. Staying connected is a necessity than a desire. Internet-primarily facilitates communication across borders. Beyond communication, there are a few things that a faster internet can deliver to an individual or an organisation. Here are the advantages that high-speed internet provides to organisations. Reasons You Need High-Speed Internet Seamless collaboration: For businesses, there are times when staff must work together on several tasks from... Read More

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Broadband Plans for First Time Users from Jio, Airtel and Other Major ISPs

The demand for broadband services in the country has increased a lot in the past couple of years ever since the pandemic began. More and more people began relying on broadband services as they were pushed to work from home. There are still a lot of users who are in need of a broadband connection whether it’s for small business, streaming, house connections or work from home. The Internet Service... Read More

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BSNL vs Tata Sky vs JioFiber vs ACT Most Affordable Broadband Plans

The demand for home internet has risen manifold in recent times whether it is for streaming and gaming, work from home, online learning or small businesses. ISPs provide a huge variety of broadband plans that are curated to meet the needs of the targeted user base. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for broadband for home use has increased as well resulting in an increase in demand... Read More

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200 Mbps Plans Offered by Major ISPs Suitable for Small Businesses

The number of small businesses or new start-ups has been rising constantly in the country. Most of these businesses require small workspaces in order to hash out the work process. Working with a small team in these workspaces also means the need for a stable and seamless internet connection. It is also necessary that the internet is available across multiple devices at a constant speed. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in... Read More

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Entry-Level Broadband Plans Under Rs 500 From Airtel, Jio, BSNL and Tata Sky

Subscribers who are not looking for many OTT streaming benefits can consider choosing some entry-level broadband plans. The prime advantage is that they are budget-friendly and may be subscribed on a semi-annual or annual basis. Here are such broadband plans under Rs 500 from popular telecom service providers such as Airtel Xstream Fiber, JioFiber, Tata Sky and BSNL Bharat. Broadband Plans You Should Look Out for Under Rs 500 Airtel... Read More

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Airtel Xstream Fiber, JioFiber, BSNL Bharat Fiber One Plan That Brings Everything to the Table

The growing market of broadbands in the country has become an undeniable need of the hour ever since the pandemic has arrived. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country have been providing various broadband plans to suit the needs of their users. However, not only do users want a good high-speed broadband connection but also plans that come with added benefits. There are some of the plans provided by the... Read More

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