Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Which Android TV Box is Better?

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Today is all about smart technologies. Be it phones or TVs or home or any other simple product such as a small light, everything has become smart. Especially for your TV, if it is not a Smart TV, then you can make it one using an Android STB or Android stick. Many new Android STBs have made their way to the market this year. Just yesterday, Nokia also launched its Android STB in India. It is called the Nokia Media Streamer. It is priced at Rs 3,499 and thus will give a competition to many Android STBs in the market. One of them is Xiaomi Mi Box 4k. Let’s take a look at how Nokia Media Streamer fares off against the Xiaomi Mi Box 4k.

Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Design and Connectivity

Starting with the Nokia Media Streamer, the STB comes in a square box-like design with curved edges. There is a very simple branding of Nokia on top of the box and there is nothing else in terms of design to make it look fancy. This simple look to the box feels very elegant.

The Nokia Media Streamer can be connected very simply to a TV to make it a Smart TV. To connect the STB from the TV, you need to connect it with the HDMI port. There is also a multi I/O antenna for improved reception. The Nokia Media Streamer also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Coming to the Mi Box, even it has a very similar design to that of Nokia Media Streamer and comes with a very simple branding of Mi on top of the box. On the bottom of the box, the serial number and BIS logo are present. There is an HDMI port, USB port, audio port, and one charging port present for connectivity. It further supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity.

Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Remote

Both the Nokia Media Streamer and Xiaomi Mi Box 4K come with their own dedicated remote. Let’s look at the Nokia Media Streamer’s remote first. The remote of Nokia Media Streamer will remind you of the remote of MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream. There are dedicated buttons for activating Google Assistant and OTT platforms such as Netflix and ZEE5. There is a mute button in the remote as well.

As for the Mi Box 4K remote, it has a very simple design with very few buttons. There is a power button on the top and just below it is the Google Assistant button. There are navigation keys and then hot buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Then there are volume control buttons but you don’t get a dedicated mute button.

Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Specifications

Both the Nokia Media Streamer and Xiaomi Mi Box 4K run on the latest Android TV 9 Pie. As for the Nokia Media Streamer, it comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. There is in-built Chromecast and support for Dolby Audio. The Android STB is powered by an unspecified quad-core processor which is paired with a Mali 450 GPU.

Coming to the Mi Box 4K, there is in-built Chromecast with this one as well. It is powered by the Amologic S905L Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 28nm processor paired with Mali 450 GPU. Everything that you do with the remote whether navigating through apps or give voice commands, it will be done smoothly because of the great performance factor.

Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Display and Audio

Nokia Media Streamer can support full-HD content (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). For sound, there is Dolby Audio support as well. There is nothing much else to the Nokia Media Streamer. At the same time, Mi Box 4K can support 4K content at 60fps as well. It also comes with the support of Dolby Audio for an enhanced sound experience. With the Mi Box 4K, the user can choose the format in which they are watching the video.

Nokia Media Streamer vs Xiaomi Mi Box 4K: Price and Verdict

Nokia has come out with its Android STB, Media Streamer for Rs 3,499. It is interesting to see that Xiaomi Mi Box 4K also comes for Rs 3,499 only. The same price factor puts both the STBs into serious competition. A lot of the things about both the Android STBs are the same, but there are a few differences which separate them in a major way.

First is the display. The display of Mi Box 4K is much better and you get much more options for watching the video in a different quality than that of Nokia Media Streamer. If you don’t like watching content below 4K, then Mi Box 4K is what you should go for. Even talking about the remote, the remote of Mi Box 4K is much more simple and elegant to look at than that of Nokia Media Streamer. So overall, at the same price, Mi Box 4K is a better package than Nokia Media Streamer.

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