Melita Selects Harmonic’s CableOS Platform for Multi-Gigabit Broadband Services

Melita, a telecommunications operator in Malta, has selected Harmonic's CableOS Broadband Platform to provide multi-gigabit broadband connectivity to its customers. This integration will enhance flexibility and scalability while improving service quality.


  • Melita partners with Harmonic to deliver high-speed broadband services.
  • Harmonic's CableOS Platform offers scalable and sustainable architecture.
  • Transitioning to a distributed access architecture improves internet access for subscribers.

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Melita Selects Harmonic's CableOS Platform for Multi-Gigabit Broadband Services

Melita, a telecommunications operator based in Malta, has chosen Harmonic's CableOS Broadband Platform to deliver multi-gigabit broadband connectivity to its customers. Harmonic said its CableOS Platform virtualizes the access network, providing Melita with a scalable and sustainable broadband architecture that will facilitate continuous improvements to upstream and downstream bandwidth capacity.

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Enhancing Connectivity with Scalable Architecture

By integrating Harmonic's CableOS Platform into its existing network infrastructure, Melita aims to enhance the flexibility and scalability of its broadband services, ensuring the fastest and most reliable connectivity in Malta.

The platform's advanced capabilities will allow Melita to efficiently meet the growing bandwidth demands of its subscribers, while significantly improving service quality. The transition to the CableOS Platform will also alleviate the limitations imposed by Melita's legacy CMTS architecture, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Transitioning to Distributed Access Architecture

In a statement, Harmonic said that as part of the upgrade process, Melita plans to transition its HFC DOCSIS network to a distributed access architecture using Harmonic's CableOS Platform, virtualized CMTS software, and Ripple Remote-PHY node. This architectural shift will involve moving core functions and fibre deeper into the network, resulting in faster and more reliable internet access for subscribers.

Moreover, this transformation will lead to lower energy consumption and significantly reduce space and power costs for the operator. To ensure the highest level of broadband service quality and network performance, Melita will also utilize Harmonic's CableOS Central analytics, which leverages artificial intelligence and streaming telemetry.

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Network Agility and Sustainability

Harmonic highlighted the advantages of deploying the CableOS Platform and virtual CMTS in conjunction with Harmonic's Ripple R-PHY node for Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). This combination will provide Melita with network agility and sustainability as it progresses towards 10G connectivity.

Harmonic said its Emmy Award-winning CableOS Platform has gained recognition as the go-to solution for next-generation broadband services, empowering over 90 service providers worldwide.

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The CableOS platform has been successfully deployed by leading operators in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, revolutionizing the broadband landscape.

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