Bluevia Expands Fibre Coverage to Over 3,500 Municipalities in Spain

Bluevia has expanded its fibre-optic coverage to over 3,500 municipalities, providing ultra-fast broadband access to 48 provinces. This achievement brings reliable and high-speed internet services to over four million real estate units, surpassing 80% of their goal.


  • Bluevia expands fibre-optic coverage to 3,500 municipalities in Spain.
  • Ultra-fast broadband access now available in 48 provinces.
  • Over four million real estate units benefit from reliable and high-speed internet services.

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Bluevia Expands Fibre Coverage to Over 3,500 Municipalities in Spain

Bluevia, the network operator providing wholesale fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and connectivity services in Spain, has achieved a significant milestone by expanding its coverage to over 3,500 municipalities across the country. Owned by Telefonica Espana (30%), Telefonica Infra (25%), and a consortium comprising Credit Agricole Assurances and Vauban Infrastructure Partners (45%), Bluevia has successfully covered ultra-fast fibre broadband access to 48 provinces.

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Advantages of Fibre-Optic Technology

The deployment of fibre-optic technology offers numerous advantages over traditional copper infrastructure, including higher speeds and a lower environmental impact, according to the statement.

Bluevia's extensive coverage means that a vast number of real estate units, totalling more than four million (more than 80% of goal), now have access to reliable and high-speed internet services.

The company has made remarkable progress towards its goal of exceeding five million FTTH units by 2024 through private investment and public-private collaboration mechanisms.

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Extending Digitalization to Small and Large Communities

Bluevia's mission is to foster digitalization across every corner of Spain, and its network now extends to municipalities of varying sizes, from those with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants to larger communities with approximately 20,000 residents.

Places like Alquezar in Huesca and Genave in Jaen are now part of the digital revolution, enjoying the benefits of fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Similarly, towns like Requena in Valencia and Calatayud in Zaragoza are now seamlessly connected, empowering businesses and individuals with digital opportunities.

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Strengthening Position in the Telecommunications Landscape

Telefonica said, The expansion of Bluevia's network not only contributes to the digital development of Spain but also strengthens its position within Telefonica Infra's FTTH portfolio. Telefonica Infra leverages the scale and expertise of Telefonica to accelerate the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure, facilitating the widespread reach of digital networks.

Bluevia is solidifying its position as a key player in Spain's telecommunications landscape while expanding its FTTH presence globally, including in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

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