Hawe Telekom to Expand Wholesale Services in Poland With Infinera’s ICE6 Solution

Infinera and Hawe Telekom have completed a successful live network trial, showcasing the capabilities of Infinera's ICE6 solution in providing high-bandwidth services in Poland. The trial validates Hawe Telekom's readiness to offer reliable connectivity to operators and neighboring countries.


  • Infinera and Hawe Telekom complete a live network trial with Infinera's ICE6 solution.
  • Infinera's ICE6 technology delivers exceptional performance with 600G, 700G, and 800G transmissions.
  • The trial validates Hawe Telekom's ability to offer high-bandwidth services to operators in Poland and neighboring countries.

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Hawe Telekom Achieves Single Module 1.6 Tbps With Infinera’s ICE6 Solution

Infinera, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, has successfully completed a live network trial in collaboration with Hawe Telekom, a telecommunications operator in Poland. Leveraging Infinera's ICE6 800G coherent solution, the trial conducted on Hawe Telekom's Warsaw-Poznan-Frankfurt route marks a significant milestone in advancing high-bandwidth wholesale services for operators in Poland and facilitating interconnections to neighbouring countries.

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Successful Live Network Trial

During the trial, Infinera's ICE6 technology demonstrated outstanding performance by delivering 600G, 700G, and 800G transmissions on both national and international routes of Hawe Telekom's existing optical line system. This accomplishment showcases Hawe Telekom's preparedness to meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity and offer reliable, high-capacity services to its customers.

Infinera's ICE6 Solution

Hawe Telekom expressed enthusiasm about the results, stating, "ICE6 operating in our international system has achieved full 800G single-wavelength throughput. Each ICE6 module, equipped with two line interfaces, enabled us to achieve a remarkable total transmission of 1.6T on a single interface module. This not only validates Hawe Telekom's ability to meet the highest operator standards but also positions us to provide top-tier services to our valued customers."

Hawe Telekom is Carrier's Carrier in Poland

Hawe Telekom plays a vital role as a carrier's carrier in Poland's telecommunications landscape. According to the statement, Hawe Telekom National Fibre-Optic Network, spanning approximately 4,000 km throughout the country, delivers comprehensive and critical telecommunications services to fixed and mobile telephone network operators, cable television providers, internet providers, and all fibre optic network operators throughout Poland.

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Hawe Telekom signs MoU with Infinera

In a recent development, during the International Telecoms Week (ITW) event held in Washington, DC, Hawe Telekom and Infinera announced a partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This MoU signifies their commitment to expanding Hawe Telekom's network infrastructure utilizing Infinera's innovative and industry-leading solutions.

As the demand for high-bandwidth services continues to rise, the successful trial and ongoing collaboration between Infinera and Hawe Telekom pave the way for improved connectivity and network capabilities in Poland.

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