Telenor Maritime and Globetech Partner to Expand Market Reach

Telenor Maritime and Globetech have entered into a strategic partnership to expand their market reach and deliver innovative connectivity solutions for the maritime industry. This collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for high-quality connectivity and develop tailored solutions for maritime customers.


  • Telenor Maritime and Globetech join forces to strengthen business development and market access.
  • The partnership combines their technical expertise to meet the rising demand for high-quality connectivity in the maritime industry.
  • Common business opportunities will be identified, tenders pursued, and contracts executed to benefit both partners' commercial interests.

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Telenor Maritime and Globetech Partner to Expand Market Reach

Telenor Maritime, a renowned provider of connectivity solutions for the maritime industry, and Globetech, a leading ICT technology and services provider for vessels and offshore installations worldwide, have announced their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to strengthen business development, expand market access, and deliver innovative connectivity solutions to meet the evolving needs of the maritime sector.

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Strategic Partnership for Maritime Connectivity

As the demand for high-quality connectivity in the maritime industry continues to soar, Telenor Maritime and Globetech have recognized the significance of joining forces. According to an official joint release, the two companies aspire to revolutionize the maritime connectivity landscape with their combined expertise and resources by developing tailored solutions that ensure reliable, secure, and efficient communication at sea.

Collaboration continuation of Informal Cooperation

The collaboration agreement is the result of successful informal cooperation between the two companies for 5 years. In December 2021, they signed a Letter of Intent Agreement to explore cooperation opportunities and assess the feasibility of a strategic partnership for ICT and connectivity products and services to offshore and maritime customers.

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The strategic partnership will enable Telenor Maritime and Globetech to identify common business opportunities, pursue tenders, and execute contracts within the maritime sector.

By leveraging their respective strengths and capabilities, the partners aim to enhance their commercial interests and provide a wider range of quality solutions to customers across the industry.

One of the key objectives of this collaboration is to address the rising demand for high-capacity connectivity while ensuring cyber-secure, redundant IT infrastructure.

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Meeting the Demand for Reliable and Secure Communication

Furthermore, both companies will conduct comprehensive use case reviews to determine which products and services are best suited for joint promotion and delivery in the market.

According to the statement, this strategic approach will allow Telenor Maritime and Globetech to establish a robust go-to-market plan and offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the specific needs of maritime customers.

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As the maritime industry continues to evolve and embrace digital transformation, the strategic partnership between Telenor Maritime and Globetech AS holds great promise for revolutionizing connectivity solutions and empowering vessels and offshore installations with seamless communication capabilities.

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