Orange Tunisia and Medusa to Develop Longest Subsea Cable System in the Mediterranean

Medusa Submarine Cable System and Orange Tunisia have entered into a partnership to deploy the Medusa submarine cable, which will be the longest in the Mediterranean Sea. This cable will connect eleven countries in North Africa and Southern Europe, providing high-speed connectivity and enhancing internet security.


  • The Medusa cable will be the longest submarine cable system in the Mediterranean, spanning over 8,000 km.
  • The cable will offer a new, high-speed connectivity solution and improve the security of existing internet connectivity.
  • The implementation of the Medusa cable is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.

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Orange Tunisia and Medusa to Develop Longest Subsea Cable System in the Mediterranean

Orange Tunisia has joined forces with Medusa Submarine Cable System, a prominent submarine infrastructure operator, to launch an extensive subsea cable network named "Medusa." Spanning across the Mediterranean Sea, this project will connect eleven countries in North Africa and Southern Europe, fostering enhanced connectivity and promoting Tunisia's digital transformation.

The agreement was officially signed on Thursday, May 11, marking a significant milestone in the region's technological advancement.

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Orange Tunisia to host the new submarine cable in Bizerte

The collaboration between Medusa Submarine Cable System and Orange Tunisia entails the deployment of submarine cable that will link Tunisia's Bizerte region to Europe via France's Marseille, serving as the key connecting point. This new cable system will comply with the latest international standards and regulations, ensuring optimal performance and meeting the evolving socio-economic demands of Tunisia.

Extensive Connectivity in the Mediterranean

According to the statement, One of the primary objectives of the Medusa project is to revolutionise connectivity in the Mediterranean region. By spanning a length of over 8,000 kilometres, Medusa will become the first and longest submarine cable system to interconnect all countries within the Mediterranean.

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Medusa Landing Points

The cable's route will traverse various nations, starting from Lisbon in Portugal and culminating in Port Said, Egypt. It will include 16 landing points strategically located in Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Algeria, France, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt.

The joint release said, "The Medusa submarine cable has been designed using the latest submarine optical fibre technologies and provides an additional route of several pairs of fibres. It promises to deliver unparalleled high-speed connectivity, significantly improving the existing internet infrastructure and security measures."

Each pair of fibres within the cable boasts a capacity of 20 terabits, catering to Tunisia's ever-growing connectivity requirements. The project is slated for completion by the end of 2025, ensuring a timely response to the increasing demand for reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

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Didon cable: Tunisia's Digital Transformation

According to the statement, Bizerte, situated at the northernmost point of the African continent, will assume as a gateway to Africa. Orange Tunisia previously partnered with Ooredoo Tunisia to set up the Didon cable in 2014, connecting Tunisia to Europe.

This second investment reinforces Orange Tunisia's dedication to enhancing network service quality, supporting Tunisia's digital transformation, and solidifying the country's position as a digital hub within the continent.

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Digital development in the Mediterranean region

As a private, independent, and neutral submarine infrastructure operator headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Medusa Submarine Cable System has been actively contributing to advancing connectivity and facilitating digital development in the Mediterranean region.

With the Medusa submarine cable project, Orange Tunisia and Medusa Submarine Cable System are poised to usher in a new era of enhanced connectivity, economic growth, and digital empowerment in the Mediterranean.

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