Etisalat by e& Launches New Maritime Satcoms Portfolio

Etisalat by e& has launched its new Maritime Satcoms portfolio, providing fully managed maritime services for vessels operating in UAE territorial waters and beyond. The services cater to the regional maritime industry and offer a comprehensive solution for private yachts, commercial shipping, and oil barges.


  • etisalat by e& launches Maritime SATCOMS portfolio for vessels operating in UAE and neighboring countries.
  • The services are fully managed and comply with local regulations.
  • etisalat by e& offers competitive pricing, flexible bandwidth options, and round-the-clock support.

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Etisalat by e& Launches Maritime Satcoms Services in UAE and Beyond

Etisalat by e& has announced the launch of its new Maritime Satcoms portfolio of services to meet the needs of vessels operating in UAE territorial waters and beyond. With coverage extending to 16 countries and serving 164 million customers across Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, this comprehensive suite of services is set to revolutionise the regional maritime industry.

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Comprehensive Solution for Vessels

The fully managed maritime services Etisalat provides by e& comply with local regulations, offering an integrated ICT solution for vessels of all types and sizes. Whether it's private yachts, commercial shipping, or oil barges, the service caters to a wide range of coverage requirements, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication.

By offering quality satcoms deployment, Etisalat by e& aims to establish itself as a leading regional ICT enabler for ship owners and operators.

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Local and Compliant Operations

According to the statement, The newly launched maritime service provides numerous benefits for mobility clients. It offers competitively priced, flexible bandwidth options with higher committed information rates. Clients can also benefit from round-the-clock support services and a fully managed solution that complies with local regulations.

Etisalat by e& serves its regional satcoms mobility clients through multiple satellite earth stations based in the UAE. These earth stations have been providing international satellite communications solutions since 1968, ensuring high throughput satellite coverage across various frequency bands and geographical regions. The operations are managed locally through the UAE satellite operations centre, according to the official release.

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Value-Added Services for Mobility Clients

The comprehensive maritime ICT solution suite includes value-added services such as Managed Internet, Managed Wi-Fi, Managed TV, IoT, and other applications that cater to the welfare of the crew.

Additional services include antenna and telecom infrastructure hosting, space segment leasing, managed security, and core telecom services, including internet, private network, and voice services. With an IP underlay connection, the solution supports a range of downlink/uplink speed options to accommodate various maritime requirements.

With its launch of the Maritime satcoms portfolio, Etisalat by e& aims to elevate the connectivity and communication capabilities of vessels in the region.

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