Tamares, Grid Telecom to Build Andromeda Subsea System Connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel

Tamares Telecom and Grid Telecom have partnered to construct the Andromeda subsea cable system, connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel. This collaboration aims to enhance international connectivity and data transport solutions between Europe and the Middle East.


  • Tamares Telecom and Grid Telecom collaborate to build the Andromeda subsea cable system.
  • The project aims to connect Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, fostering international connectivity.
  • The transcontinental fibre cable system will offer advanced data transport solutions between Europe and the Middle East.

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Tamares, Grid Telecom to Build Andromeda Subsea System Connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel

Tamares Telecom and Grid Telecom, the telecommunications vehicle of Greece's Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), have joined forces to build the Andromeda subsea optical fibre cable system. Tamares Telecom, a leading Digital Infrastructure group based in the Middle East region, is a fully licensed operator in Israel and Cyprus, serving more than 5,000 customers across the globe.

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This strategic partnership seeks to establish a robust telecommunications corridor connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, enabling advanced data transport solutions and fostering international connectivity between Europe and the Middle East.

Transcontinental Fibre Cable System

Leveraging the geographical positions of Greece and Israel, the transcontinental fibre cable system will offer wholesale customers leading-edge connectivity options and international reach, spanning across the European continent, the Mediterranean, and the Arabian Peninsula.

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This alternative international digital highway will provide significant support to the regional economy, addressing the pressing need for enhanced telecommunications infrastructure.

Grid Telecom, emerging as a key wholesaler in the Greek market, capitalizes on IPTO's extensive optical network in Greece and neighbouring countries.

By integrating this network with its own fibre links and Points-of-Presence, Grid Telecom achieves network diversity, maximum security, and remarkably low latency. This collaboration aims to establish a carrier-neutral, open-access connectivity hub in the region, said the joint statement.

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Strengthening Telecommunications Infrastructure

Tamares Telecom owns the Tamares-North submarine cable linking Israel with Cyprus, which was launched in 2012, and is being extended further to Marseille and mainland Europe.

According to the joint statement, The partnership with Grid Telecom for the Andromeda project aligns with Tamares Telecom's strategy of strengthening its infrastructure and increasing its entry points to Europe.

This cable system will provide an eastern gateway via Greece, opening up opportunities for enhanced connectivity and expanding Tamares Telecom's reach.

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Extending Reach and Gateway via Greece

The Andromeda system will facilitate seamless connectivity between Israel, Cyprus, and Greece, offering an alternative low-latency route between Europe and the Middle East. It will extend further through additional subsea and terrestrial links, connecting destinations in the Balkans, Central and Western Europe, and eastwards to the Arabian Peninsula and other destinations.

The project aligns with the broader goal of establishing Greece as a neutral open-access connectivity node, contributing to the overall development of the Balkans-Mediterranean region.

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