Chunghwa Telecom Successfully Trial 25G PON for SmallCell Fronthaul in 5G Networks

Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories and Nokia have conducted a successful trial of 25G PON technology for small cell fronthaul in 5G networks. The trial demonstrates the potential for cost savings and improved connectivity by leveraging existing fibre broadband networks for fronthaul transport.


  • Nokia and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories collaborate on a trial of 25G PON technology for small cell fronthaul.
  • Fronthaul and backhaul transport networks are essential for seamless connectivity in 5G networks.
  • Converging fronthaul with the PON is a major boost for reducing 5G TCO.

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Chunghwa Telecom and Nokia Successfully Trial 25G PON for SmallCell Fronthaul in 5G Networks

Taiwan based Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories (CHT-TL) and Nokia have collaborated on a trial that verifies 25G PON (Passive Optical Network) technology for small cell fronthaul applications. Fronthaul and backhaul transport networks play a crucial role in ensuring seamless connectivity for 5G networks, particularly in terms of carrying mobile traffic from small cell sites to the core.

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The official statement said, Operators are already using fibre broadband networks for backhaul traffic, and this trial demonstrates that these same networks can now be leveraged to meet the stringent capacity and low latency demands of fronthaul.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges in 5G Networks

As operators transition to 5G, they face the challenge of deploying more antennas to accommodate the signal propagation limitations of higher frequencies and ensure optimal coverage and capacity. Fronthaul transmission serves as a vital link connecting these new small-cell antennas to the core network.

Small cells and fibre broadband networks often have a similar footprint, making fibre networks readily available for use in 5G transport. The recent trial conducted by CHT-TL validates the efficacy of 25G PON broadband technology in meeting the requirements of mobile fronthaul, said the statement.

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Leveraging Existing Fibre Broadband Networks

By utilizing existing access networks, operators have the opportunity to achieve significant cost savings by converging their networks instead of constructing expensive new transport routes.

Nokia's 25G PON solution utilizes the Quillion chipset to enhance the capacity of existing fibre nodes up to 25 Gbps. This enables operators to offer additional services, such as mobile transport and enterprise connectivity, thereby generating new revenue streams while achieving total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

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Nokia's 25G PON Solution for Enhanced Connectivity

Furthermore, PON-based transport has low energy consumption, reducing operating costs and helping meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

According to the statement, 25G PON technology is not only adopted by giants like AT&T and Google Fiber but also by prominent players such as Chattanooga in the US and challenger brands like Ogi in the UK.

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