Open Fiber Tests 50G-PON Technology

Italian wholesale network operator Open Fiber says it has successfully tested 50G-PON technology in a controlled environment. The technology allows download speeds of up to 50 Gbps on the access network.


  • Open Fiber have tested in a controlled environment the new 50G-PON (50Giga) broadband access service.
  • Open Fiber completes the first phase of the Italia a 1 Giga.
  • Open Fiber connects over 15.5 million ultra-fast broadband homes.

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Open Fiber Tests 50G-PON Technology

Open Fiber, the leading wholesale Italian FTTH fiber optic operator, has successfully tested 50G-PON technology in a controlled environment. Open Fiber is among the first companies in Italy to experience the technology using which it is possible to reach a Network access speed of up to 50 Gbps.

Demand for Speeds and Quality

As per the AGCOM Report 2022, the average monthly traffic per user on the land network has increased by 87% compared to 2019. Hence, to cater to the increasing demand and to meet users' needs in terms of quality of experience and speed, such Gigabit speeds will be critical.

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This new technological advancement will provide more efficient services, applications and use cases that will support the development of the most advanced digital services and enable binding the access network elements of the 5G mobile networks. The experiment also demonstrated the possibility of having a new 50 Giga connectivity, in parallel, without any interference to the existing services (XGS-PON or 10 Gb).

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Guido Bertinetti, Network & Operations Director at Open Fiber, Said: "Open Fiber has always been a pioneer in the search for cutting-edge technological solutions that allow ever greater capacity and speed in data transmission. The success of this experiment will allow us in a short time to provide partner operators with a new standard to offer to their customers, companies and public administrations that can support today's most advanced digital services and future ones."

Broadband in Italy

The Italian strategy for Ultra-Broadband towards the Gigabit Society aims to provide gigabit connectivity to all by 2026.

Italia a 1 Giga

Open Fiber announces the completion of the first phase of the "Italia a 1 Giga". The project's first milestone ended with the construction of ultra-broadband links for 27,742 civics in the eight lots awarded, involving 3,881 municipalities distributed in nine regions: Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Lombardia, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany and Veneto.

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Open Fiber

Open Fiber is a wholesale-only operator and doesn't provide services directly to end consumers but makes its infrastructure available to interested service operators on equal terms.

According to Open Fiber, from 2020 to date, more than 7,500 digital companies have been registered in Italy annually, most of them in the South. With over 15.5 million ultra-fast broadband homes connected, Open Fiber is the leading Italian FTTH fiber optic operator and among the leaders in Europe.

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