United Fiber to Drive the Digital Transformation of Greece

United Group and Nova have launched United Fiber, a new company focused on driving Greece's digital transformation. It combines the expertise of Hellenic Open Fiber and United Group to construct and operate fiber networks, aiming to provide high-quality broadband services and accelerate the country's digitalization.


  • United Fiber, a collaboration between United Group and Nova, aims to advance Greece's digital transformation.
  • United Fiber's goal is to deploy a state-of-the-art fiber optic network covering 1.6 million households in Greece by 2027.
  • It will serve as a wholesale provider for other service providers, promoting accessibility and competitiveness.

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United Fiber to Drive the Digital Transformation of Greece

United Group and Nova have joined forces to introduce United Fiber, a new company dedicated to advancing the digital transformation of Greece. According to the official release, United Fiber will be responsible for constructing and operating fibre networks, combining the expertise of Hellenic Open Fiber and the innovative DNA of United Group, a leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeast Europe.

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Introduction of United Fiber

Nova, a part of United Group, has rebranded its wholesale networks unit, Hellenic Open Fiber, as United Fiber. The primary objective of United Fiber is to accelerate the implementation of building its own state-of-the-art fibre optic network spanning over 22,000 km and reaching 1.6 million households in Greece by 2027. In addition, the company will serve as a reliable wholesale provider for all service providers in the country.

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Accelerating Fiber Network Deployment

According to the statement, United Fiber is committed to leveraging technological advancements, innovation, and best practices. Currently owning the largest fibre-based Gbps broadband service network in Southeastern Europe, United Fiber will offer high-quality broadband services that are 20-30 times faster than the current standards enjoyed by most users in Greece.

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Unleashing Greece's Potential

This initiative aims to unleash the potential of Greece by driving digitalization throughout society and enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy, said United Fiber.

Through the modernization and development of fixed telephony networks, United Fiber empowers Nova to become a leading service provider for millions of households and businesses in Greece. This expansion enables widespread access to the benefits of the rapidly evolving Gigabit society.

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