Zain and Omantel Announce Zain Omantel International for Global Wholesale Services

Zain and Omantel have announced the launch of their joint venture, Zain Omantel International (ZOI), which aims to revolutionize the wholesale telecommunications sector. This partnership combines Zain's regional presence and retail success with Omantel's wholesale capabilities to provide unparalleled services to customers worldwide.


  • ZOI establishes itself as the Middle East's premier international wholesale services provider.
  • ZOI will undertake high-profile projects to develop subsea systems and terrestrial networks in the region.
  • Partnership to create new opportunities with Zain and Omantel customers benefiting from quality internet connectivity, voice, roaming, and messaging.

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Zain and Omantel Announce Zain Omantel International for Global Wholesale Services

Zain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Middle East and Africa, and Omantel, the leading integrated telecommunications services provider in Oman, have joined forces to launch a joint venture (JV) called 'Zain Omantel International' (ZOI). This strategic partnership aims to transform the wholesale telecommunications sector, offering an unmatched proposition that combines the strengths of both companies to deliver exceptional service and support to customers worldwide.

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Zain and Omantel Combine Forces

According to the statement, The establishment of ZOI marks a significant advancement in the telecommunications industry, positioning it as the Middle East's premier international wholesale services provider.

Zain brings its extensive regional presence and successful track record in the retail and digital domains, while Omantel contributes its exceptional wholesale capabilities and comprehensive international subsea and terrestrial networks.

Transforming the Wholesale Telecommunications Sector with ZOI

Together, the joint venture will cater to the end-to-end telecommunications needs of operators in the Middle East, as well as international carriers, data centers, hyperscalers, and content and cloud providers seeking services within the region and beyond.

ZOI will effectively manage all international wholesale requirements of Zain and Omantel operations in eight countries, serving a customer base of over 55 million.

The joint venture aims to optimise the existing wholesale businesses of both companies by reducing operating costs and enhancing competitiveness through the provision of state-of-the-art low-latency and high-capacity services across its expanded footprint.

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Delivering Superior International Services to Zain and Omantel Customers

Collaborating with operating companies within the Omantel and Zain Group, ZOI is committed to ensuring that Zain and Omantel customers continue to receive superior quality in international services such as internet connectivity, voice, roaming, messaging, and more.

Notably, ZOI will undertake prominent projects alongside its consortium partners, including the development of the Blue-Raman, Africa-1, and Jeddah to Marseille (J2M) subsea systems, as well as an extensive terrestrial network connecting regional countries to landing stations and data centers. These initiatives will establish an unparalleled ecosystem within the region.

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Zain and Omantel's Strategic Partnership

ZOI will offer a wide portfolio of services and solutions to meet the growing demands of wholesale customers. This strategic partnership between Zain and Omantel exemplifies the realization of wholesale synergy, consolidating the international operations of both parties and growing the investment at the group level.

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