India Improves Global Ranking in Mobile and Fixed Broadband Speeds: Ookla

Ookla's Speedtest Global Index for April 2023 reveals India's improved rankings in mobile and fixed broadband speeds. The country climbed four spots in global median mobile speeds, while also showing progress in fixed broadband speeds.


  • India rose from 64th to 60th position in global median mobile speeds.
  • Median mobile download speed increased to 36.35 Mbps from 33.30 Mbps.
  • Global ranking for median fixed broadband speeds improved from 84th to 83rd.

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India Improves Global Ranking in Mobile and Fixed Broadband Speeds: Ookla

Ookla, the network intelligence and connectivity insights company, has released its latest update on the Speedtest Global Index for the month of April 2023. According to the report, based on the data provided, India has made significant progress in terms of global rankings for both median mobile speeds and median fixed broadband speeds.

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India's Enhanced Speeds

In the month of April, India climbed four spots in the global ranking for median mobile speeds, rising from the 64th position in March to the 60th position. Similarly, India showcased improvement in its global ranking for median fixed broadband speeds, moving from the 84th spot in March to the 83rd spot in April.

The report from Ookla also highlights notable advancements in speeds. In April, the median mobile download speed in India reached 36.35 Mbps, surpassing the previous figure of 33.30 Mbps recorded in March.

Furthermore, the overall fixed median download speed in India experienced a slight increase from 50.71 Mbps in March to 51.12 Mbps in April.

Ookla's Speedtest Global Index Findings

Analyzing the April Speedtest Global Index, it is worth noting that Senegal achieved the highest leap in rank, ascending by 16 spots globally. On the other hand, Qatar secured the top position for overall global median mobile speeds. Regarding overall global fixed median speeds, Bahrain made substantial progress by climbing 14 spots, while Singapore maintained its top rank in this category for another month.

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Methodology and Data Source

Ookla's Speedtest Global Index regularly assesses mobile and fixed broadband speeds worldwide on a monthly basis. The data utilized for this index is derived from numerous tests conducted by real individuals using the Speedtest platform each month to evaluate their internet performance.

India's commendable ascent of four spots in the global ranking for median mobile speeds, moving from 64th to 60th place, demonstrates the country's dedication to enhancing its digital infrastructure.

The rise in both mobile and fixed broadband speeds is a positive sign for internet users in India, indicating a gradual improvement in internet connectivity and performance across the nation.

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