Swisscom Retains Universal Service Licence for 2024-2031: ComCom

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has re-awarded Swisscom the universal service license in Switzerland for the period from 2024 to 2031, ensuring the implementation of an expanded service offering. Swisscom is the sole provider interested in fulfilling the obligations of the universal service.


  • Swisscom receives the universal service license from 2024 to 2031.
  • ComCom designates Swisscom as the sole provider for fulfilling universal service obligations.
  • Universal service ensures accessible telecommunications services in Switzerland.

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Swisscom Retains Universal Service Licence for 2024-2031: ComCom

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has announced its decision to award Swisscom, one of the major telecommunications providers in Switzerland, the universal service licence for the period from 2024 to the end of 2031. This ensures the implementation of the expanded service offering outlined by the Federal Council.

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Swisscom Sole Provider Interested in Fulfilling Obligations

In its official release, ComCom said it has decided to re-award the licence for nationwide universal service to Swisscom for a duration of eight years, starting in 2024. After surveying the interest among the largest telecommunications providers in Switzerland, Swisscom emerged as the only provider interested in fulfilling the obligations of the universal service.

Consequently, no competitive tender for the licence will be conducted. ComCom, in accordance with the Telecommunications Act, is authorized to designate the universal service provider in such situations, it said.

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Choice of Speeds for Universal Service Subscribers

On December 16, 2022, the Federal Council approved the revised Ordinance on Telecommunications Services (OTS), which defines the scope of universal service for telecommunications from 2024. As of next year, universal service subscribers will have the option to choose between the existing download/upload speeds of 10/1 Mbps or a faster alternative of 80/8 Mbps.

Principle of Subsidiarity and Technology Neutrality

The principle of subsidiarity will be applied, meaning that if an equivalent solution already exists in a particular location, the universal service obligation is considered fulfilled, and the licensee is not required to offer the 80/8 Mbps universal service option.

Moreover, universal service delivery is technology-neutral, allowing the licensee to employ mobile or satellite solutions if necessary to fulfil its obligations.

Swisscom was previously appointed as the universal service licensee for the period of 2018-2022 by ComCom. In May 2022, ComCom extended Swisscom's existing universal service licence without changes for another year.

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Universal Service: Ensuring Accessible Telecommunications Services

The universal service aims to ensure that basic telecommunications services are available to all population segments and regions of the country. These services must be affordable, reliable, and of a certain quality.

The universal service includes the provision of public telephone service, broadband internet connections, and special services for individuals with disabilities.

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