Telefonica Germany Transforms Streetlights in Frankfurt Into 5G Sites

In Frankfurt, streetlights are being transformed into 5G sites to densify the 5G mobile network. Simultaneously, by integrating an irrigation system with an external water tank, they are turning into smart digital watering cans for nearby trees.


  • Integration of 5G technology into streetlights for densifying the mobile network.
  • Addition of smart irrigation system and water tank to provide water to surrounding trees.
  • Collaboration between 5G-Synergiewerk, O2 Telefonica, and Mainova.

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Telefonica Germany Transforms Streetlights in Frankfurt Into 5G Sites

In an innovative initiative, Frankfurt, the financial hub of Germany, is revolutionizing its urban infrastructure by converting streetlights into 5G sites. This ambitious project aims to densify the 5G mobile network while simultaneously introducing smart irrigation systems to nourish the city's trees.

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Spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of 5G-Synergiewerk, O2 Telefonica, and Mainova, an energy provider and smart energy solutions company, this innovative Smart City concept is set to enhance the quality of life for Frankfurt's residents, according to an official update by Telefonica Germany.

Pioneering the Integration of 5G and Smart Irrigation

With its towering skyscrapers and narrow streets, Frankfurt faces unique challenges in expanding its existing mobile network. By strategically deploying 5G-enabled streetlights at ground level, the city can effectively densify the network, complementing existing rooftop installations.

Leveraging the widespread presence of streetlights as part of the urban infrastructure, the project partners aim to accelerate the deployment of 5G technology through this innovative approach.

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Successful Pilot Project Paves the Way for Expansion

According to the statement, in 2021, the project partners erected the first 5G-enabled streetlight in Hesse, marking a significant milestone. Encouraged by its success, the consortium is now focused on creating additional value for the city.

The expertise of 5G-Synergiewerk, renowned for its ability to connect energy providers, municipalities, and industrial partners, plays a vital role in driving the expansion efforts.

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Integrating Streetlights, 5G Technology, and Smart Irrigation

The transformation begins by replacing conventional streetlights with special Smart Poles. O2 Telefonica installs energy-efficient 4G/5G mobile technology housed within wooden street furniture designed to seamlessly blend into the urban landscape.

These structures, doubling as seating benches, feature built-in water tanks for the irrigation of nearby trees. Ground sensors monitor soil moisture levels, combining this information with weather forecasts to automatically trigger watering cycles, ensuring optimal tree health.

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Advancing O2's 5G Network and Urban Connectivity

O2 Telefonica's mobile network in Frankfurt operates across multiple frequency bands, providing high-bandwidth 5G in the 3.6 GHz range, along with LTE (4G) on 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz.

The introduction of small cells through these 5G-enabled streetlights supplements the existing network, offering additional bandwidth to meet the growing data demands of O2 customers and future digital applications such as connected vehicles and autonomous logistics, said the official release.

Furthermore, the harmonious integration of 5G streetlights adds to the aesthetic appeal of the cityscape.

Fostering Sustainable Smart City Development

O2 Telefonica emphasized the company's commitment to providing customers with the full capabilities of the 5G network by establishing additional mobile sites in bustling city centres.

"By merging telecommunications and energy providers, the 5G-Synergiewerk bridges the gap and expedites the expansion of 5G networks. Leveraging existing municipal infrastructure offers advantages for all stakeholders while showcasing the compatibility of 5G expansion with sustainable Smart City concepts," said the joint release.

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Toward a Modern and Liveable City

This transformative project aligns with Frankfurt's vision of offering its residents a modern and livable city. This approach also opens doors to a myriad of data-driven applications and contributes to the aesthetics of the cityscape, elevating the joint endeavour.

As Frankfurt leads the way in merging cutting-edge technology with sustainable urban development, the integration of 5G-enabled streetlights and smart irrigation systems serves as a model while prioritizing ecological solutions and improved quality of life for citizens.

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